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Source: Entertainment Tonight

Source: Entertainment Tonight

We were shocked to hear the news that after just seven months, Keshia Knight Pulliam’s husband, Ed Hartwell, not only filed for divorce but also asked for a paternity test for the baby Pulliam is carrying. While Ed was releasing statements, Keshia’s social media presence seemed to suggest nothing but happiness and positivity surrounding the expectation of her daughter.

But last night, in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight’s” Nischelle Turner, Pulliam finally opened up about the situation and her feelings concerning Ed and his claims that she cheated on him.

She said she decided to do the interview as a way to address the claims Hartwell has made about her.

“…I knew I couldn’t be silent, because this isn’t about money. This isn’t about fame. This isn’t about social media likes or follows. This is about my character — my integrity as a woman being attacked — and that’s not OK.”

Turner: Did you cheat on him during your marriage?

Pulliam: I have never cheated on him during my marriage. That’s not who I am.

Turner: You said you will have a paternity test.

Pulliam: That’s not an issue. There’s no problem. I’ve never been unfaithful to my husband. This is his daughter. It’s one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. It’s another thing when you have a baby. And it’s not about me, she doesn’t deserve it.

While is asking her for a paternity test to prove that the child is indeed his, Pulliam says that it was Hartwell who was unfaithful, early in their months-long marriage.

“So when, early in my marriage, I was faced with this, I was ready to leave. I had divorce papers ready. I presented them to him. He begged for another chance. He said, ‘Please, I want my family.’ He said all of the right things and once I was pregnant, I did decide to give him that one last chance.”

But apparently Hartwell didn’t want the second chance as much as he said he did. Because it wasn’t long before he bounced. Pulliam described the day he told her about the divorce.

“He left like it was any other day. He said goodbye. I was still sleep in bed. He text me saying hey can I talk to you for a moment, which wasn’t weird. I was like ‘Ok babe.’ He was like ‘You know, this isn’t working.’ All I heard was ‘I filed for divorce this morning and I’m coming to get my stuff.’

Keshia, 37, said that she has never and will never be a side chick and says she plans to sell her current house before her daughter is born.

When Turner asked her if she still loved her husband, she said this.

“I love who he pretended to be. I love who he portrayed himself as, and the one mistake I made was, when he showed me who he really was, not believing him. Not believing him the first time. When he said he wanted our marriage, he wanted our family — I believed him. That’s why I gave him this one last chance, only for him to pull the rug from under me and blindside me.”

She told ET that she has not been in touch with Hartwell.

“There’s nothing to say at this point,” she explains. “They can discuss that through attorneys. I have to move forward. I have to do what I need to to release the hurt, to release this, and to be happy for me and my baby girl, because the stress isn’t good. The stress isn’t healthy. And my only priority is her.”

And then to make the fate of their relationship crystal clear, she said,I have no desire to continue to be married to him. That’s why I’m doing this one interview and I’m done. I’m not going to continue to revisit, regurgitate. But I’m also not going to continue to allow people to tell blatant lies about me.”

Still, despite all of this madness, Keshia said she is grateful for her blessing and that’s her little girl.

You can watch Pulliam’s full interview in the video below.



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