I Don’t Want to Grow Up: 7 Things I Miss About Being a Kid

September 12, 2011  |  
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Watching all the teenagers and young kids in their cute uniforms walk to school again has for some reason created a feeling of nostalgia for me. I miss the days of lugging around a seemingly giant backpack to school, meeting up with my friends during passing periods and lunch, and taking part in group sports (how in shape were you thanks to organized sports??). Those days were extremely simple, right? Even if back then you couldn’t wait to be done with them and be a big, bad grown up. Overrated! So with all that being said, I thought I’d take a walk down memory lane and list the seven best things about being a kid. And not the super-obvious ones, but the ones that meant a lot more than taking naps, going to recess to play Red Rover and having play dates.

The Days When My Mother Used to Do My Hair

Maybe it’s just me (though I doubt that), but wasn’t your hair like ten times healthier back when your mother used to do it? I don’t know about anybody else, but for a majority of my childhood I was DRAPING. Pre and post relaxer, my mother, like most mommies, had the magic touch when it came to keeping my strands healthy. She never slacked on washing my hair when it was time for that good cleansing, and when she would grease my scalp!? It was like Christmas. Once the day came where my mother stopped putting her hands to my head, it was like my ish started breaking off immediately. And skip the curls and braids, it was all ponytails after that (*sad face*).

Having My Siblings in One Place

Now that I’m grown and I live far away from my brothers and sisters, I can’t help but miss the days when we all lived under the same roof. Nobody was a Mrs. or a parent, folks weren’t moving cross country just yet. If I wanted to play Go Fish, UNO or dominoes (aka, bones) with my siblings, I could find at least one of them (I have a lot) to hit the table with. Being the youngest, I watched each and every one move out and move on until I had to do the same myself. And while I can call them, it’s not as fun as getting to hang with them like we used to be able to do.

Massive Lack of Responsibility

Really, after getting your homework done and doing some simple chores, wasn’t childhood pretty breezy? Someone else dressed you, fed you, paid for you to get the things you needed to play sports and go on field trips, and all you had to do was say thank you. Nowadays, I would kill to have someone pay my rent, my bills and feed me while I sit around coloring in my books and writing with those thick pencils with no erasers. (*sigh*)

My Diverse Friendships

Before people started making everything about race, hiding behind avatars online stereotyping everyone, I’m sure you had a diverse range of friends with names like Melissa, and Timmy, with black, blonde and red hair and freckles. You weren’t worried about anything but what food you could barter, who was going to be the kickball thrower or ride the swings with you, and who was going to smell the fruit-scented markers with you. Now it seems folks like to stick with the people they’re more comfortable with and our friend bases are less colorful than ever.

How Exciting Birthdays Were

It was literally YOUR day when your birthday would come around. When my birthday would be weeks away, the countdown would start, the gift lists would sloppily get written out and I was high jacking all the sales papers for research. Cakes would be made for you, and even in your classes at school people would be excited for you. To have a birthday as a kid made you queen for the day. Everybody had to be nice to you. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Now, it feels like another day because you usually have to work, and old-school phone calls from family over the country have been replaced by text messages. Kind of sad…

How Great TV & Music Was

When I was little, I was watching stuff like “Cosby Show,” “Martin,” “Family Matters,” and listening to songs like “Candy Rain,” “Remember the Time” and “Sittin’ Up in My Room” on my portable radio. Today, my young nephew has a plethora of choices in reality TV and is stuck with songs like “Make it Rain,” “Tupac Back” and the “Cat Daddy.” Really though? Times have totally changed and the innocence of TV from back in the day is non-existent. Nowadays, you can watch folks fight, have sex, curse and act a fool as early as 6 p.m. and the radio has enough moaning and expletives available to have the little ones out here acting incredibly ratchet. What really went wrong!?

When a Little Money Meant A Lot

Back when I was getting a modest allowance from my parents, when an aunt or uncle would come by and drop me a $20 bill, it was like the equivalent of getting $100 out the blue for free as an adult. That $20 wouldn’t last me too too long as a kid, but I would buy a wealth of things to show off to my sisters and brothers that for some reason meant a whole lot to me: packs of Bubble Tape (preferably the 10 foot sour blue raspberry kind), gel pens, a fancy Lisa Frank folder and a whole lot of other miscellaneous goods and random small candies. Nowadays, $20 can barely put gas in your tank.


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