The Kids Room: Cute Furniture That Transitions From Baby To Toddler

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Just when you thought you’ve learned everything baby-related, they go and grow up. It seems to happen almost overnight. Once your child is no longer a baby, a whole new set of to-dos and purchases come up.

One of the biggest transitions will be your child’s bedroom. What was once a baby haven no longer fits as they start to grow. Let’s face it. It’s time for the “big kid” furniture.

We know this can all be confusing. What should stay and what should go? Since we work and play with furniture all day long, we’d like to think we’ve got some insight and want to share that with you. Here are some common purchases made by buyers as their kids transition from baby and toddlerhood into full-fledged kiddos.

Pre-loved furniture is a great way to buy beautiful pieces without breaking the bank (and is a great way to give back to the environment, as well!). And it doesn’t have to be limited to Craigslist – companies like AptDeco (NY’s exclusive pre-loved furniture marketplace) can make it so easy, With an end-to-end process, they organize everything from listing your furniture, helping you take photos of it and organizing delivery/packaging. Meaning no strangers in your home, no scams from randoms, no more hours and hours spent waiting for someone to come pick something up (when you have a million other things to do).

Reham Fagiri, the CEO and co-founder of AptDeco, provides great tips on baby room decorating. Check out this functional and cute furniture.

From Changing Table to Dresser


Vintage Yellow Campaign Dresser by Dixie – $700

Many new parents choose a changing table/dresser combo. It works well until your child is no longer in diapers — then there’s no need for a changing table. The changing area ends up taking valuable space that can be used for clothing. Swap this piece out for a good dresser with lots of drawers for your growing child.

Pick a dresser with tons of drawer room. Even if you have a couple of empty drawers in the beginning, don’t worry about it. As your child grows, his/her clothing will get bigger and they’ll need more space. You’ll be happy with the extra drawers several years down the road.


Toy Easel to Desk


A chalkboard or eraser easel is an adorable way for any kid to express their creativity. But as they start to reach school age, a desk is a much-needed addition. It gives them a play to do their homework and study.


Like the dresser, you want to make sure the desk you choose grows with your child. It needs to be sturdy but also timeless. Choose a wood desk or a neutral colored one and allow your child to personalize it through the years.


From Crib and Toddler Bed to Grown Up Bed


Pottery Barn Girl’s Bedroom Set in White – $500


Probably the most obvious transition, it’s also one of the most important. As your baby gets older, they’ll outgrow their crib (or toddler bed) and need a big kid bed. You’ll know when this happens because they’ll start climbing out of their crib and beg for a real bed.


Choose a bed that will fit your child right from post-crib days through the end of high school. Make the crib-to-bed switch easier by placing one side of the bed against the wall and adding a guardrail to the open side. This will help your child feel more comfortable during this transition time.


Diaper Pail to Garbage Can


Stinky diapers are no match for a regular garbage can. Many parents opt to have a diaper pail in their baby’s room. Once your child’s been toilet trained and is out of diapers, these handy gadgets are no longer as handy. At this point, it’s time to switch to a regular garbage can.


A place for trash is one of the cheapest and easiest things to replace. The options are endless. We recommend choosing a shorter bin so your child can start to learn chores and easily be able to toss away his/her trash.


From Playmat to Area Rug


Dwell Studio Pinwheel Rug – $350

Play mats are wonderful things for any infant. They give your baby an area to lay, nap and play. But as your child grows, these mats get entirely too small and can’t handle play as well as it could when your baby was an infant. Swap it out with a good area rug for your kid(s) to play on.


Choose something soft and foot-friendly. If your kids are on the messy side – as many kids are – then you’ll want to choose a busy and colorful pattern that allows stains to blend in. Rugs made of natural materials are best for health and safety. Wool rugs, while on the pricier side, are fairly easy to clean.

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