Isn’t It Time For “Men’s Night” At The Club?

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You know what I hate?

Ladies’ night. I mean, what’s the point?

Okay, free admission and drinks are the point. But really, what’s the point of getting in free and hoping that some guy takes cares of the drink bill when all he is going to do is follow you around all night?

And that is just the half of my problem with Ladies’ Night. My other complaint has to do with the dread of getting all dolled up only to walk through the doors and see nothing but other dolled up ladies looking around for the men. I mean, if you are into the ladies, that is one thing. And if you want to hang out with just women, that is cool too. But I like sausage. And tours at the sausage factory. And I have to say that at most Ladies’ Nights I’ve been to, the sausage pickings have been a little on the slender side.

It is said that these special events are for the purpose of drawing both men and women to the club. In theory, men go where the women are going. But as of late, that does not appear to be the case – or was it never the case?

All I know is that if a club or lounge says it’s going to have Ladies’ Night, you best believe there will be few dudes in sight. And for a heterosexual woman, that kind of sucks. I mean really: Where are the dudes?

Perhaps their absence has to do with some sort of quiet defiance to the apparent double standard. After all, why should one gender be favored over the other?

I hate to say it, but I have to ride out with the fellas on this one. If I were a man, I would skip out on Ladies’ Night, too. But I will also say I do feel that men who had grievances with the event are usually missing the point. Just because it’s Ladies’ Night doesn’t mean women get to skirt the evening free. After all, we are the entertainment and more often than not, we are being used as mere instruments to help promote a club or lounge as a viable entertainment option. I mean, if Ladies’ Nights were really about the ladies, wouldn’t it be called Men’s Night?

Seriously. If these nights were really about the ladies, wouldn’t there be a bunch of scantily clad men flexing and holding champagne bottles on club flyers?

And the free cover and “gifted” drinks we do manage to finagle out of some stingy man’s pockets don’t really begin to compensate us for all that we have to endure – again, like being followed around the club by Mr. Stingy Pockets (true story) or waiting in long lines to use the bathroom (another true story). Not to mention, the cost alone of looking good for so-called “Ladies’ Night.” When you think about it, what is happening to us is flat-out exploitation.

That’s why I am totally in favor of men having a chance at a night of their own. Why should men have all of the fun? We can entice them with free entry and live-streamed games. And when they arrive, dressed up in their best white tees, we can stalk them all night for attention – and our own personal entertainment.

Or better yet, why not just scrap the idea of both events altogether?

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