About Those Resolutions: How To Make The Most Of The Second Half Of 2016

June 23, 2016  |  

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At the beginning of the year, we all set out to achieve a laundry list of goals. Something about a new year forces us to reflect on our lives and want to make small changes for a better lifestyle, be it applying for grad school or throwing our hat in the ring for a promotion. But whether you jot them down mentally during a New Year’s Eve champagne toast or craft an entire vision board for your annual objectives, some intentions simply get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. Before you know it, those resolutions to do and live better become an afterthought. But don’t waste time beating yourself up about only reading two out of the 10 books you promised you’d have finished by the summer solstice. Instead, pretend you’re LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, down 3-1 in the series, and reboot your goals to make a stellar comeback in the second half of 2016.

Start by assessing all the targets you’ve already bulls-eyed. Pat yourself on the back for finally saving money like you said you would before scolding yourself for not developing better eating habits. In regards to what you’ve bested so far, take it to the next level. Started that new job you wanted? Make plans to stand out among your co-workers while working on a new project or set early sights on a new opportunity being offered.

After that, zero in on the things you didn’t get to accomplish. The leftover items on your year-long to-do list are where the real work begins. To get those forgotten items back on track, first change the deadlines and conditions. If you didn’t make that solo spring trip to Spain happen like you’d hoped you would, try rescheduling and flipping it into a fall vacation with your girls. Also, list every action that leads to each achievement. For instance, if you still need to find a new apartment, write down each place you need to call and visit, then make note of how much each place costs, including the costs for transporting your stuff. By including step-by-step actions into your plans, you won’t feel so overwhelmed because you will have a strategy. You will also be surprised by how quickly you knock out a goal when you’re thinking of it on a smaller scale.

With that being said, your marks may require a little downsizing. Often, the hype of a new year results in bloated, unattainable (at least within a year’s time) intentions. Things like buying a new home or reaping a considerable profit from your new business should probably be in your five-year plan, not a six-month window. That’s not to say your dreams are too big. They just may need a bit more time to materialize. It’s better to be realistic about certain aspirations instead of betting against your own success.

Lastly, find an accountability partner who understands your plan and purpose, and will be your cheerleader to the finish line. Some of your ambitions are just right, but you’ve been too busy, or maybe even too lazy to see them through. For the second half of 2016, have a friend or family member keep you on track, so by next New Year’s Eve, you can toast to getting everything you wanted out of the last 365.

Unless you missed a hard deadline for something you have no control over, recalibrating your goals to ensure success for the rest of the year is possible. You just need a nice dose of motivation and a few hours (or days) to map out a new plan for what’s left of the year. It’s nowhere near too late to make things happen. The question is, what will you do to see the changes you’ve been pining for before 2017 creeps up on us?

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