Does It Cost More To Raise A Boy Or A Girl?

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Most parents will probably agree that raising a child isn’t cheap. There are so many basic necessities that add up each month like food, clothes, toiletries and school supplies. And what about the other things like extracurricular activities or unexpected medical costs for an ailment or a child that’s unwell?

In 2013 the U.S. Department of Agriculture proved just how costly it is to raise a child by releasing a report called “Cost of Raising a Child.” They found that for a middle-income family in the U.S. to raise a child up until 18 years old costs on average $245,340.

But is it more expensive to raise a boy or girl?

The financial site MoneyTips recently did a survey of almost 500 parents around the country asking  “which gender is more expensive to raise?” 60 percent of parents all thought it was more expensive to raise a girl and it said that those parents spent more on their girls in clothing, toiletries, and school supplies.

However a UK study from Halifax bank says that parents thought boys were more expensive because they have more wear and tear on their things like clothing, shoes, furniture, and even toys. Halifax said: “Boys are more likely than girls to need items of uniform replacing more frequently due to wear and tear than girls, and with a greater number of extra curricular sports favoured by boys, the cost of buying and replacing the kit for these can add up.”

Regardless of how expensive some people feel it is to raise a boy or a girl, raising kids in general is still pricey. One way to cut back on costs is to budget and plan ahead. Here are some tips that may help.

Tip #1 Shop During Sales And Use coupons 

This isn’t always easy to do but that extra amount of effort on your part could save you hundreds of dollars at the grocery store and for clothing and possibly toiletries for your entire household.

Tip #2-Keep Your Receipts For Each Month

When you have time go back and separate them into categories so you can see how much money you spent on groceries, eating out, and extra curricular activities. That way if you are in a bind it will show you where you can cut something for the next month. And if you want to go the extra step keep a budget going every month to help you stay on track and monitor your spending.

Tip #3 Don’t Be Afraid To Barter

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to introduce bartering into your life. If you are low on cash one month and need a babysitter then ask a trusted friend if she can watch your kids and tell her you will watch hers next time for free when she goes out.

Tip #4 Vintage Is Your Friend

If you aren’t afraid of used or some slightly used things there are many low cost options or sometimes even free things at your disposal. You can make it a weekly routine on a Sunday evening for half an hour to check your local paper or a trusted mom site for people giving away free things like children’s furniture. Sometimes someone has to move to another city quickly and they don’t want the hassle of taking a lot with them. Also places like Good Will or other local vintage stores offer kids clothing at a very low cost.


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