Driver’s Permit: Tips On Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe

June 10, 2016  |  
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In this digital age, there are more things available now to distract your teen on the road than ever. Now is the time where parents should be role models for their teens by reinforcing rules for the roads. The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry suggests that teens struggle with responsible decision-making until after their teenage years. With this in mind, it’s also important to remember that your teen is newbie driver–and there’s no room on the road for irresponsible decision-making. In the popular parent’s guide What Are They Thinking? the authors note that, “many teenagers love to drive fast. Too fast. Once they’ve reached high spends, teens are often compelled (more so than adults) to go even faster, take sharp turns, race other drivers, or to try to beat stop lights. Speeding is a common outlet for the adolescent desire to take risks. And without mature frontal lobes, the decision to drive too fast is not just dangerous but life-threatening.”

Click continue to read 15 safety tips for your teen driver gleaned from What Are They Thinking? as well as other articles around the web.


Have the talk

Talk to your teen daily about the rules and regulations of the road (depending on your city, the rules are different.) Keep your teen in the know of the rules and the importance of not violating any of those rules.

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Encourage better choices

Talking to your teen daily about the rules will help your teen make better choices while driving.

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No driving at night

For newbie drivers, try your best to make sure your teen avoids driving after dusk.


Tolerant no texting while driving

Make sure your teen avoids texting while driving. Reinforce this rule at home.

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Limit passengers

For newbie drivers, make sure your teen keeps the number of passengers they ride with low. Fewer passengers equals fewer distractions.


 No loud music

Fewer passengers will help your teen avoid distractions, such as playing loud music or talking while driving.

Young Black Teenage Driver Holding Car Keys Driving Her New Car

Be the role model for your child!

While driving with your teen, enforce the importance of not talking or texting while driving. Let them know how they can minimize distractions while on the road.

What are your expectations?

Before paying for insurance or purchasing a car, set up your safety driving expectations.



Let your teen know that penalties will not only occur with the law, but also at home. If your teen gets a speeding ticket, consider taking away their driving privileges for a week.


Avoid Penalties 

Let your child know how to avoid penalties, such as no parking in the wrong spots.


Take a class

Take a safety driving course with your teen.

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Choose a safe car

Consider cars that aren’t necessarily built for speed such as a Ford Focus.



Reinforce to your teen to always wear their seatbelt, no matter what!

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Speed Limit

Discuss the speed limit in your neighborhood with your teen.



Make sure your teen doesn’t drive in bad weather.

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