Warning Phrases That Should Send You Running When They Come Out Of A Man’s Mouth

June 15, 2016  |  



Talk may be cheap, but that doesn’t stop a lot of us from buying into the crap that comes out of people’s mouths — namely men. Sometimes, as women, we so desperately want things to work out with a man that we eat up any and everything he tells us without really questioning: (a) does what he said make sense? (b) do his actions actually back up what he said? (c) what the hell is he talking about?

At some point or another we’ve all been persuaded — or manipulated — by a charming tongue, but just know if a man drops any of these phrases in your presence, the odds that he is actually about something are slim to none. And yes, we’ve done enough anecdotal research to prove that statement.

1. I wanna build something with you.

A relationship? A family? An ark? The unspecified ambiguity of “something” screams emotional manipulation.

2. I never met anybody like you before.

On one hand, well duh? (Because this fabulousness is one of a kind) On the other, really? Not like me at all? Not even a little bit? Then what kind of women have you been entertaining? Sounds like a line from the book of Lines Men Use to Make a Woman Feel Special (But They’re Really Just B.S.).

3. Normally I don’t do this, but…

But you never met anybody like me before? If a man follows a sweet gesture with a qualifying statement like this it shouldn’t make you feel special; it should make him suspect. Why haven’t you ever sent a woman flowers before or openly expressed your emotions to someone you care about?

4. It’s just a piece of paper.

So is a diploma, but you got one of those didn’t you? Money? Paper. Paycheck? Paper. Deed to a house? Paper. And yet they all mean something significant, just like a marriage certificate.

5. She’s like my sister.

…that I had sex with one time before I ghosted her so now we call each other brother and sister to ward of suspecting romantic partners who can likely tell we were more than friends at some point.

Any girl who’s like a sister to a man shouldn’t pop up out of the woodwork. You would meet her when you meet his real sisters.

6. I’ve been hurt before.

And water is wet. Who hasn’t?!

7. My ex is crazy.

Why are we talking about her and what did you do to make her that way? (Or why didn’t you notice she was crazy before you dated her?)

8. You’re too good for me.

When a man tells you something, listen. When a man tells you this, run.

9. Y’all females.

Is this an I’ve been using the word females all my life and no one with good sense has every corrected me females, or an, I generally see nothing wrong with calling the opposite sex females instead of women and actually prefer the term females?

10. I’m not like those other men.

See talk is cheap line in the intro. Rather than throw out this phrase, men should just prove it. And let us be the judge.

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