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It’s been a week or so since Angela Simmons revealed to the world that she and her fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, are expecting their first child. But if you follow Simmons, you already know that she doesn’t play when it comes to her daily workouts with her trainer(s), and she’s not going to hold back in the gym just because she’s expecting.

Of course, it’s been stated by experts that working out while pregnant is fine. However, how hard you can go is dependent on how hard you were going before the baby. If you rarely exercised pre-pregnancy, you need to talk to your doctor first and then take things light and slow. But as for the women who get side-eyes for lifting weights like it’s nothing while toting a large baby bump, it’s safe to assume they were working even harder before the baby.

And that’s why Simmons hasn’t turned down the intensity on her workouts just yet. She shared video of the work she is putting in at the gym for her “fit mommy journey.”

Of course, there were the usual comments about her doing too much, with Instagram followers saying, “all this extra stuff is ok but isn’t really best for the baby,” “I would just stick to brisk walking,” and “Sit down u pregnant.” However, Simmons is working with multiple trainers who keep an eye on her movements, and she doesn’t seem to be doing more than she was pre-pregnancy.

Plus, experts say that it’s important to work out when expecting, as studies have shown that children who were exposed to exercise while in the womb had improved mental and physical health from childhood on into adulthood. Not to mention that according to the American Pregnancy Association, working out while preggers can help with the pains that come with carrying a child, including backaches, swelling and constipation. It even works to boost your energy, mood, improve your posture, and help you sleep better. And pregnancy exercise can also help you cope a little bit better with your labor and get you back in shape faster once the baby is here.

So, it’s recommended that moms working out stay especially hydrated, avoid contact sports and exercises where you’re expected to be on your back, do workouts that keep you moving (so you don’t become dizzy trying to hold your balance in one place), and take it easy. Listen to your body, sit down when you start to feel tired, and focus on maintaining and feeling good, not on trying to lose weight you’re gaining during pregnancy. Not the time for that, sis.

With that being said, were you physically active while pregnant? If so, what were you doing and how did exercising make you feel during the pregnancy process? Better? Tired? Overwhelmed?

As for Angela, exercising in the gym clearly makes her feel great because she’s in there like swimwear.



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