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Image Source: Shutterstock

Just when you thought it was safe to drink in public, research tells us that people are still out here looking for ways to spike your drink.

According to a study from the journal Psychology of Violence, out of 6,000 students surveyed from multiple colleges in the United States, 462 of those students (1 in 13) said they found themselves in situations where their drinks were spiked. That eight percent of young people said they’d dealt with roofies, Xanax, and a lot more alarming drugs being slipped into their beverages. And while those behind the study don’t actually have proof that these individuals were drugged (as in affirmation of such an incident by a doctor), for so many to say they’ve had their drinks tampered with is scary.

But to make matters all the more frightening, 83 people in the study actually said that they did spike a person’s drink. The most popular reason cited for men to mess with people’s drink was because it’s “fun,” while women stated that the most common reason they thought people did it for was sex or sexual assault. A few others said they “didn’t know” why exactly they did it, and it was also mentioned that trying to get “more drunk or high” and to get someone to “relax” was common.

For women, the effects of being drugged were often quite negative, including being sexually assaulted, blacking out or just getting sick. But a small number of men actually claimed they “enjoyed” being drugged.

Suffice it to say, quite a few people clearly don’t see how serious using and forcing other people to use these drugs really is. It’s all “fun” and games to drop stuff in people’s drinks–until the police are called.

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