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Transitioning from the workforce into entrepreneurship may be one of the scariest and hardest decisions you may ever have to make. The comfort zone and safety net that you are use to, can be extremely hard to let go. Stepping out on faith into the unknown, is enough to cause people to rethink the pursuit of their dreams. We all know of the advantages that a 9-5 can bring. Consistent pay, reliable work schedule and one of the most important things in life…health insurance. Sitting behind a desk (or whatever your career may be), can also bring on the dissatisfaction that it’s not what you ultimately LOVE to do. Your dreams and goals outweigh all of the advantages that your job provides and you yearn for more. You just have to find a way to let go and move forward into entrepreneurship. There is possibility, there is hope and you can make it happen. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. Countless hours of work, wearing many different hats to run your daily operations and the ups and downs of money management, is only for the strong. With proper preparation and planning, you’ll be turning in your 2 weeks notice before you know it.


Before you even put thought into letting go of your security blanket, you have to START your engine. This is where you’ll lay the foundation of your business so that you’ll have a clear vision of exactly what it is that you want to do. It could be purchasing your domain name, buying supplies or designing your logo. Once you put the battery in your back to start, you will not want to stop.


Although you work every day and when you get home you’re drained, there should not be a day that goes by where you do not research and work on your business. Research is one of the most important aspects in any division of business (even as an employee). Growing more each day in the knowledge needed to run your business, will result in the confidence needed to know that you can ditch your job and go out on your own.

Time Management:

I speak on time management so often because it is uber important, in life and business. Use all of your time wisely now. If you have downtime at work, you should not be in the break room watching tv or at your desk online shopping. You should be working on your business. Out of those 8-12 hours spent building someone else’s dream, try to squeeze in 30 minutes for yourself (just don’t get fired doing so). Every minute counts towards your goal.


A plan should be laid out for at least a year moving forward from letting your job go. Entrepreneurship is filled with the unknown, but planning out your ideas and actions can be very helpful. There should be no plan B, your initial plan is going to work out!


Begin acting like a full-time entrepreneur NOW! Attend events to network and connect with others to begin building the buzz about your business. This will give you a great feel for how full-time entrepreneur life will feel. You’ll do countless hours of networking, building and marketing to keep your business in the know.

Use Your Skills:

One of the greatest assets of my business is that I took everything I learned from all of my previous jobs and applied them to my work ethic in running my own business. I have such great customer skills because I was a customer service rep for over five years. Everything that I learned in my training classes and courses, I apply to my business. Great things can come from the last days of your job. Soak up all information, skills and knowledge that you can and use them towards your own business.


This transition will not happen overnight, which can be a great thing. It will give you more time to prepare and save. With being an entrepreneur, money is the biggest issue. You’ll need to either find funding or use your own finances to get your business started and to keep it thriving. Now is the time to start pouring more dollars into your savings account. You should have at least six months worth of your living expenses saved, just incase you fall on hard times during your journey. Even if you do not have that amount of money saved, still continue on your path. Sometimes those hard times make you work harder, trust me.

Mia Ray is fashion blogger, business owner, fab mom of two and mompreneur. 

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