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It doesn’t matter if they’re a celebrity or not, most men lack boundaries.

Millennial talk show host maven Jessica Williams made note of this at the Vulture Fest during a panel discussion for her podcast 2 Dope Queens. She told the audience:

Yesterday, I was doing the red carpet for the Peabody’s so I was doing interviews. I was doing an interview, and all of the sudden, this guy, this popular actor comes up behind me and just grabs me and just pulls me in towards him. I was literally talking to somebody, and was like, “What? What is happening?” And he was like, “Yeah, girl. You fine” … If I was at a f-cking bodega in Harlem and this happened to me, I would literally stab you. But because he’s a great actor, everybody’s, “Haha, that’s funny, right? Good one, you got touched.”

Despite Williams’ experience being bizarre and unacceptable, commenters sarcastically waxed that she shouldn’t be surprised at the behavior of rich men. But unfortunately, this behavior, like Williams said, occurs with men who don’t even have two dollars to their name.

Personally, I believe the reason why this scenario continues to be prevalent is because both women and men believe they need to be validated by patriarchy’s definition of a man: someone who is always taking or initiating access and action even if it hasn’t been granted. Because of this, most women believe in order to be liked or deemed “cool,” they must accept anything men subject them to, including unsolicited touching, therefore, making reinforcing the cycle.

I remember complaining to a friend about an ex’s inappropriate behavior once, only to be coddled by her dated reasoning: “At least he fine, though!” This personifies why men cater to disrespectful and hyper-masculine behavior because without it there will be women (and men) who will question their manhood.

Do you agree?

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