Are Your Body Image Issues Keeping You Single?

May 16, 2016  |  



According to a recent survey published in the June issue of the journal Body Image, the way we see our bodies could play a part in the success of our relationships. I’m sure most of us had an inkling that our insecurities could have a major impact on our romantic connections with people. There’s always a possibility that an individual wouldn’t feel like they’re enough for their partner or would rely too heavily on them if they don’t like the way they look or feel. Plus, there is that whole saying that nobody can love you if you don’t love yourself, or, can’t nobody love you for you, or “love yourself, girl!” Or something like that. Work with me, people.

But truly, I don’t think we realize the ways individuals display their self-doubt aside from jealousy when it comes to the things we do in our relationships. In the study, which was executed through an online survey posted both on and websites, researchers surveyed 12,176 people between the ages of 18 and 65 about the way they feel about their physical appearance, and the type of behavior they exhibit in their relationships. What researchers found was that very few people, men, and women alike were “very to extremely dissatisfied” when it came to their looks, with men clocking in at six percent and women at nine. But as was pointed out, “feeling very to extremely dissatisfied” with weight was a more prevalent issue, with men coming in at 15 percent and women at 20 percent. It was those with a higher body mass who stated that they were more dissatisfied with their appearance and weight. Therefore, they displayed more unstable, neurotic behavior in their relationships, said they had fearful and preoccupied attachment styles and spent quite a few hours in front of the TV. On the contrary, only one-fourth of men and women said they felt “extremely satisfied” with their appearance (28 and 26 percent) and weight (24 and 20 percent). But those people were more open, conscientious and had bigger personalities, causing them to be more secure in relationships, have a higher level of self-esteem and be more content with their life, in general. As researchers summarized, “These findings highlight the high prevalence of body dissatisfaction and the factors linked to dissatisfaction among U.S. adults.” In laymen’s terms, as it turns out, our bodies are playing quite the role in our overall happiness, not just in our romantic relationships and encounters.

In a press release, lead author of the study, David Frederick said that “Body dissatisfaction and anxious attachment styles can lead to an out-of-control spiral and fuel each other. People who are less confident in their appearance become more fearful that their partner will leave, which further fuels their worries about their appearance.”

Basically, it’s a dark hole. So, if you’re less than pleased with the way you look, it’s going to hamper your romantic connections. Without coming to this realization and working to turn such negative feelings around, many of us are setting ourselves up for more hurt and pain as we go from partner to partner.

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