Do We Really Need To Boycott Mother’s Day?

April 28, 2016  |  

Source: AP Images

Source: AP Images

Should we boycott Mother’s Day?

No, really I’m asking because the Honorable Louis Farrakhan thinks we should.

As reported by the Atlanta Black Star:

Minister Louis Farrakhan asked his followers to forgo shopping on Mother’s Day, in a video post Monday.

The video was actually recorded a week prior, when the Nation of Islam leader spoke at the Black United Summit International Conference held at Tennessee State University. While there, he spoke about politics and economics. He asked attendees to stop supporting the capitalistic system that profits from our love for our mothers.

According to Farrakhan, “American corporations make $19.9 billion from Mother’s Day holiday shopping. Everything we find love for, they capitalize off of it. Keep your money in your pocket.”

“Everyday is Mother’s Day,” Farrakhan told his followers.

Every day might be Mother’s Day, but not many women get gifts and free food in bed every day like it’s Mother’s Day.

Nevertheless, Farrakhan has some advice to help us deal with that too.

More specifically, he said, “Do something kind for your mother. Tell her how much you love her and show her the honor and respect that she is due. And keep your money in your pocket.”

In addition to Mother’s Day, Farrakhan also doesn’t want you giving women anything on Valentine’s Day.

More specifically, he said:

Valentines day. That’s my girl…I’m going to give her something nice. I want her to know how I like her. So silly. Tell her then! See, when you buy things for your woman – I’m not saying that you shouldn’t, but that should be on your terms. Not because someone declared a holiday.

I mean, I get it: Farrakhan is about boycotting the system. It was a call to action he made during his “Justice or Else” speech at the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, which was held last year in Washington D.C.

And you have to admit that it is pretty admirable that he continues to want us to boycott things, even as it was pretty obvious since Christmas of last year that we would not be doing that.

Not when Beyoncé concert tickets (to be presented at predominately White-owned venues) are on sale.

Not when airlines are practically giving away flights to exotic locations for pennies on the dollar.

And not when most folks wouldn’t even consider voting for Bernie Sanders.

At least Farrakhan is attempting to do something productive that not only highlights the relationship between our capitalist society and mass incarceration and other injustices but also stresses the need to support Black-owned businesses.

Still, you have to wonder why Mother’s Day got him so riled up? I don’t recall any calls to action for the brothers to not host Super Bowl parties or attend any of the NFL playoff games. And I’m willing to bet that the money the brothers spent on those games generated just as much money for the system as all of the Bath & Body Works gift baskets we give to mom on her special day combined.

Also, will he be asking us to boycott Father’s Day too? Or is this just a matter of not wanting to do something nice for the sisters because the White man supposedly told us to do it?

Because I swear, some folks will turn any and everything into a conspiracy against the Black man. That includes our beloved Farrakhan. And while his intentions might be noble, I would hate to see an entire community of mothers missing out on their annual “Thank you, mom” dinners at Joe’s Crab Shack all because a bunch of brothers needed to feel like real men in control of things.

Seriously, the sacrifices women are expected to make sometimes for the good of the community…

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