The Ugly Truth: Women Speak Out About Hating Pregnancy

April 28, 2016  |  



Eight months ago, my First Response stick revealed a clear second line. My eyes welled up with tears as I hugged Boo and said, “We’re going to have a baby!” Soon, I shared the news with Mami, my sister, and closest cousin. My fiancé and I planned to have this baby, and it happened in just one shot. So we were thrilled!

Then, reality set in. From that point forward I’d have to nurture and care for another life. One that couldn’t thrive without me. So I Googled “do’s and don’ts while pregnant” and realized how much I had to give up. It’s…a lot. Like drinking. I’m no lush but I enjoy a cocktail and a glass of wine while watching Scandal. As I sat there contemplating life before I was with child, I recalled the last drink that passed through my lips: a Moscow Mule. And I already missed the taste of ginger beer.

But, I’m not supposed to complain about being pregnant. Besides the obvious (child birth and morning sickness) pregnant women are to glow and feel fortunate to bring a life into this world. Saying otherwise is deemed taboo and ungrateful. And I do feel very blessed, mostly because I’ve had an amazing pregnancy. I haven’t thrown up once. I didn’t experience adult acne due to hormonal shifts. I didn’t even crave pickles or lose my sexual appetite. And everyone is so sweet to me. Just this weekend I got an extra scoop of ice cream after rubbing my belly. Lucky me (and Evan!).

Honestly, I love being pregnant. Despite giving up Cafe Bustelo Espresso and most processed meats (although I couldn’t give up pepperoni completely), I can see myself doing this again. Not all women, however, feel the same. Actress Anna Faris recently shared the ugly truth about her pregnancy. During a discussion with Olivia Munn on her podcast, “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” Faris said that although her husband, Chris Pratt, and her both love kids and dreamed about having a big family, she didn’t love pregnancy. “I was just bored,” Faris admitted. “I was uncomfortable at times, and Jack came early.”

Faris is not alone. Lourdes, now 39, acknowledged to hating everything about pregnancy. “I wanted my body back – and not my physique – I just wanted to have control of my body again,” the mother of two shared. She gave birth to her first at 32-years-old and had many complications. “I threw up with Brady from the time that stick turned blue until I was in labor!” Lourdes recalled with terror. “I don’t know how women go through this over and over again – on purpose!” Well, she did have another baby. And the love for her first child had everything to do with it.

Love is also why Jasmine, 40, decided to try for a baby girl. After three sons and terrible pregnancy symptoms, she is pregnant again – and expecting a daughter. But, she loathes being pregnant. Her body doesn’t react well to being with child. “I’ve had to go to the ER three times to get an IV for dehydration,” she said. “And all I do all day is spit. I carry a bag with me everywhere I go and it is filled with my spit – it’s disgusting!” Plus, there are her stomach pains. “I wake up moaning, it hurts so much.” Still, she wouldn’t have it any other way. None of these women would give up their child to avoid pregnancy.

“It’s worth it,” Jasmine beamed while spitting in her saliva bag. But no one said it would be thrilling.

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