3 Reasons To Upgrade To The Samsung Galaxy S7 (If You Haven’t Already)

April 28, 2016  |  


With the fast-paced turnover of technology, it’s hard to know whether upgrading your phone every year is really worth it. I mean, how much can really change in a year, right? When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7 that answer is a lot.

I had a chance to try out the new phone for a month and loved it. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was just excited to have something new — because I get like that sometimes — but when my mom, my co-worker’s sister, and actor Rob Riley all told me about how much they loved the new phone after upgrading (through no prompting or inquiry of my own I might add), I knew I had to share the details with you all. So, if you’re still skeptical about making the change, here are three reasons you should.

The Camera

I didn’t think a camera could get much better than the Galaxy S6 which had even some of my most loyal iPhone-using friends switching over to #TeamAndroid, but the Galaxy S7 somehow manages to upstage last year’s new offering. I don’t even take pics with my S6 anymore because the dual pixels in the 12 MP camera on the S7 have spoiled me. Plus you can use flash for selfies! #GameChanged


How many times have you tried to capture a candid moment, only to have your phone tell you you’re out of storage space — and then the moment has passed? That used to happen to me all.the.time. I’ve had to wait weeks to complete system upgrades because I couldn’t manage to part with certain pictures in my phone and I was out of apps to delete. That’s no longer a problem with the S7 which has brought back expandable memory, allowing you to go from the 32 GB that’s already available on the device to an additional 200GB with a microSD card. So no memories will ever be missed, especially since you only have to tap on the home button twice to open the camera and snap away — another benefit!

02_S7_L_gold_Standard_Online_L (1)It’s Waterproof

This is likely the thing you’ve heard the most about the S7 and, yes, this technology is just as cool as Lil Wayne pouring champagne on the phone in the Samsung commercial. You might not think you need a waterproof phone, but trust me, it takes nothing to knock over a protein smoothie on your desk in the middle of the workday and ruin everything. Not that I’ve done that or anything…

Say goodbye to taking the back off of your phone and inspecting the little white dot inside that’s now discolored due to water damage (yeah I took it back), that’s not even an issue with this phone which will never be damaged by a splash of or submergence into water.

Overall, the best thing about the S7 is it didn’t get rid of any of the things that made the S6 great — like a fast charger which gives you a 50% battery boost in just 30 minutes; the dual screen option; a thin, sleek design; and an edge version, allowing for an even bigger screen and an easily accessible list of your top contacts, news, favorite apps and tasks — it just took all of those things and added even better technology that makes this upgrade oh so worth it.


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