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Remote Year, a startup focused on allowing employees the opportunity to travel the world while working remotely will launch its third class of travelers in August. The premise of the company is to bring together 75 individuals from across the globe to spend a year working, traveling, and exploring 12 cities together, spending one month in each location. Those interested have to apply for what many consider to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and, once accepted, travelers pay a $5,000 down payment and a monthly fee of $2,000 over the course of 11 months to take care of lodging, travel accommodations, Internet access, workspace, activities and community events. Despite the premise of the program, Remote Year does not provide applicants with jobs, although it is possible to find employment through Remote Year’s Employer Partnership. A college degree isn’t required to participate in the program and travelers can return back to their home country (or city) to visit for holidays.

Although the program sounds like a dream come true, some Remote Year alumni revealed that the program still has some kinks to iron out. In a Reddit post, JBCatz shared: “The Internet is not guaranteed to be fast enough for all applications in all workspaces all of the time. VOIP in particular is tough… During our first week in Montevideo, router crashes at the workspace were frequent, cutting out all Internet for a few hours here and there. Additionally, I struggled to have quality calls for our entire month in Montevideo – the Internet speed was flaky. Buenos Aires is better, but during peak hours the workspaces are too crowded and my calls continue to drop. Local SIM cards will help with this, but you’ll pay international rates per minute.” JBCatz also noted that if you plan to take time away from the program you will be charged: “Fee structure we paid (all in USD): $3k down, $2k per month due on the 1st, $1k if you plan to sit out for any particular month (you must give 75 days notice), $1500 to drop out of the program.”

Other attendees who claimed to have more positive experiences, interestingly wanted users to private message them about the program. However, some explained that while Remote Year can be tough (especially when it comes to staying employed ), the program has helped with personal growth and professional as well, in terms of growing their network. Katherine Conaway shared in a Medium article what Remote Year helped her discover: “I’m much more creative than I previously thought. When I spend some time away from a computer and other people, observing the world and exploring on my own, I am constantly thinking about things I want to make or write or do,” she wrote. “I have learned what I most enjoy about a city or out in nature — and what doesn’t interest me at all. I know what zaps my energy and what brings me back to life — whether that’s an activity out in the world or ensconced in my current “home.”

The Remote Year’s travel itinerary for 2016-2017 will be:

1) Lisbon, Portugal
2) Rabat, Morocco
3) Sofia, Bulgaria
4) Split, Croatia
5) Prague, Czech Republic
6) Valencia, Spain
7) Mexico City, Mexico
8) Bogotá, Colombia
9) Medellín, Colombia
10) Lima, Peru
11) Córdoba, Argentina
12) Buenos Aires, Argentina

Would you apply to Remote Year?

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