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Now more than ever, couples are breaking away from traditional norms and making their own rules when it comes to their wedding plans. This includes going on the honeymoon before the wedding instead of after or taking a mini vacation before the wedding and a lengthier trip later. Pre-wedding honeymoons have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason.

Scheduling issues prove to be a major honeymoon hurdle. Nothing guarantees that because your big day is set to take place on a particular date, you’ll be able to take the following eight days off from work so that you and bae can go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas. For some newlyweds, this just isn’t realistic. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for couples to book their honeymoons months after the wedding, and in some cases, months before.

“Couples today rarely take their honeymoon right after the wedding. They might postpone for six months or more going away,” shared Simone Vega, founder of Coordinated To Perfection Event Planning & Design. “I waited three months to go on my honeymoon after the wedding!”

Planning large-scale events is also quite stressful, and the months leading up to the big day can leave a bride feeling overwhelmed and out of her mind. In instances like this, she may benefit more from getting away sooner than later. No one wants to be around a grouchy bride—not even her groom!

“The process of planning a wedding can be so stressful, and tension can build between the bride and groom. Going on a quick getaway can really relieve some of that pressure and put things into perspective,” says Victoria Nee-Larty, owner of Victorious Events NYC. “Your wedding is a wonderful celebration of love, but the marriage — spending the rest of your life with your best friend — is what you really should be looking forward to. Some people lose sight of that so a pre-honeymoon could be the answer.”

In fact, Victoria took a pre-wedding honeymoon of her own before her ceremony—and she’s glad that she did.

“As a bride-to-be, my fiancé and I went on a week long vacation to the Caribbean recently — best decision we ever made! We came back home refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of our wedding planning to-do list and we are more in love than ever.”

Of course, there’s also the money aspect. Weddings are not cheap, and unfortunately, neither is travel. If you find yourself tying the knot during peak travel seasons, you may find that your dream honeymoon costs a small fortune. Traveling before the wedding instead of after may not only help you to unwind before “I do,” but it may also help you to hold on to some of your coins.

“If going on your honeymoon in the off-season means cheaper rates, then definitely jump on that chance,” shared Simone.

If you’re considering taking your honeymoon pre-wedding, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Can you afford it?

Couples who go on post-wedding honeymoons sometimes have the luxury of splurging on their trips due to monetary gifts given by wedding guests. When taking the trip before the wedding, more than likely, you’re on your own.

2. Is there anything that will require your attention while you’re away?

If so, you must be sure that you’re leaving your planning responsibilities in capable hands. “It’s only realistic if they are working with a professional wedding planner who will keep them on track with their to-do list so they will actually enjoy their getaway without having a million pending items on their mind,” Victoria advises. “Don’t run away from the stress of the wedding. Make sure you have everything under control before you go.”

3. When are you trying to go and how long do you plan to be away?

“During the last month, pre-planning details will require a lot of [the couple’s] time, and they should definitely be around for that. But there is definitely nothing wrong with a quick two-night getaway!!” encourages Simone.

Would you consider going on your honeymoon before the wedding? Why or why not?

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