Watch What Happens When Two People With Clear Skin Live With Acne For 24 Hours

April 3, 2016  |  

Some of us were lucky enough to never face the daunting skin issue of acne. Some of us felt it’s wrath wreak havoc during our teenager years. And well, some of us are still suffering and searching for solutions. Whether it be small hormonal breakouts or large, uncomfortable cystic pimples, acne is no fun. And to prove it, Buzzfeed produced a video titled “People Live With Acne For A Day”, where two people with clear skin explored what exactly it’s like to be someone with acne for an entire day.

Ciara and Shane, two individuals nearly flawless skin didn’t really know what to expect when they sat in the makeup chair for the prosthetic acne to be applied. Once seeing themselves in the mirror, both were shocked. When Ciara shows off her new face just minutes after checking it out for herself, her friend exclaims, “OH MY GOD! Look at your face!”

For anyone that has ever dealt with acne, we all know that self-confidence and embracing the skin you’re in is difficult. They even interviewed a dermatologist who agreed that a common side effect of cystic acne is social anxiety.

The two then posted selfies on Instagram to see the response they would get. While Ciara’s followers let mean and pretty rude comments fly without shame, Shane’s friends were more considerate and trying to console him. Throughout the day, Shane explained that he while he had plans that day, the acne definitely deterred him from wanting to go out in public. Plus, with people taking “no issue with just staring” at him, it made him feel even more self conscious. Ciara, too, felt the same way but her friend encouraged her that “she has nothing to be ashamed of,” and she should continue on with her promised 24 hours of acne. She later on realized just how important it is to learn to practice self-love and self-confidence in other ways that don’t factor in one’s looks.

Clearly, the two learned that when it comes to acne the struggle is all too real. “To anyone dealing with acne, you’re so much stronger than me. I had acne for one day and I wanted to hide under a rock,” Shane said.

As someone that’s battled with acne since my teen years, I only wish that there was something like this to help me through those tough times of teasing in school. But alas, hopefully someone that needs this little gem will stumble across it and not feel so down about whatever acne they have that might be holding them back.

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