Child Supervision: Do You Leave Your Child With Your Significant Other?

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“Hm. I don’t know. I have a two year old and a five year old and I’m not sure I would leave them with my boyfriend. I’m single now and I really feel like my kids are my focus and I can’t even imagine dating right now. Plus, their father would hang me if I ever left them with a strange man he didn’t know so that’s out of the question. I guess I feel like when you have young kids, your needs in every capacity go on the backburner. I just don’t have the time to entertain a relationship serious enough to leave my kids with him while I’m at work. I just can’t see it.”Amber, 31, mother of 2

“Oh, that’s tough. I can’t really say. I’ve been divorced from my ex wife for about six years now and the kids weren’t that young when we split. My twin girls were nine and my son seven and she was adamant about me not having other women around them for some time. I always thought she was being ridiculous but now that my girls are 15, I’m like ‘you better not be leaving my girls around any of your little boyfriends.’ I’ve learned to respect it and we have an understanding. We only leave the kids with family or the very few sitters we’ve had that are kind of like family anyway. These days, I mean, it’s just dangerous to leave your kids with anybody you don’t know. I cant’ really say I have an answer to that.” Mark, 42, father of 3

“I watch the news too much to even consider it. Kids are dying at the hands of people a mother or father feel like they love and can trust but you never know what they’re capable of at the end of the day. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and he loves my son and it took me about 6 or 7 months before I let my kid go to the grocery with him real quick. Now they go get the car washed together, go to games and things like that. He’s aIso 10 so he would absolutely tell me if anything happened he didn’t like. I know he’d never hurt my son but he’s got to earn that kind of trust and it’s going to take time.”Kendra, 38, mother of 1

“You can’t. There’s no way to know if the person you’re dating has it in them to hurt your kids. Hell, sometimes you can’t even trust a biological parent to not hurt your kids. I mean, I’d say take baby steps. After you’ve gotten to know the person, start small like ‘hey, can you keep an eye on him while I go to the bathroom?’ And you better believe I’d be ducked behind a wall somewhere watching. I just feel like you really, really, need to spend enough time with the person because these stories of people killing kids are tragic and happening way too often. I just couldn’t live with that guilt if anything happened to my kids because I left them with a crazy.”Charles, 31, father of 2

What do you think about leaving children with significant others? Have you eve had a situation that caused you to pause?

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