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Chances are, you’ve heard about the D’Angelo Russell and Nick Young debacle. If you haven’t, allow me to quickly catch you up to speed. D’Angelo recorded footage (see below) of Nick apparently admitting to cheating on his fiancée, Iggy Azalea. Somehow, the video later found its way to the Internet. Word on the street is that D’Angelo meant to send it to a friend on Snapchat, but accidentally made it public so that everyone could see it. Before he could delete it, someone snatched the footage, and it later surfaced on Fameolous.

At first glance, it definitely looks like a setup. It appears that D’Angelo strategically questioned Nick so that he could then expose him as a cheater; however, when you really think about it, it seems unlikely that this rookie would want to intentionally expose his teammate and friend. To me, it seems like a mistake that was made by an immature young man who plays entirely too much. However, regardless of his intent, this mistake will cost him quite a bit. He’s been labeled as a snitch, and some speculate that the only way that this situation can be made right is for the Lakers to trade D’Angelo. And even then, it’s assumed that D’Angelo will have a hard time because he can’t be trusted.  The public—professional athletes included— have made sport of dogging D’Angelo on social media.

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What he did was wrong. Dead wrong. But he’s not the only dishonest and deceitful party in this situation. So many people are going hard about dude violating guy code and locker room etiquette. Meanwhile, Nick is on camera admitting and even bragging about cheating on the woman who he’s supposed to be marrying in a few months. But D’Angelo is the primary one being dogged and Nick is getting the sympathy? What about the woman who was publicly embarrassed because the man she was getting ready to marry thinks it’s cute to cheat?

Nick Young



I don’t get it.

To make matters worse, it’s not like this is the first time Nick has found himself in the midst of a cheating scandal. Last year, after he was accused of stepping out on the rapper, he told fans that he had more sense than to mess up a good thing by fooling around on Iggy.



Lo and behold, dude not only cheats, but he thinks it’s something to brag about. But D’Angelo is the lone rat in this situation? Yeah, okay.

If anything, D’Angelo may have stopped Iggy from making a huge mistake.

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