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Mia Ray

Mia Ray

“How do you find time to handle it all?” has to be the most asked question that I receive. From the outside looking in, I would probably be asking the same exact thing as a mother of two, fashion blogger and designer. My answer to that question is: time management.

Careers moms have to be focused, committed and have a strong support system as well. From my point of view, it has now just become a part of my lifestyle. I would completely lose my mind and drown if I were not organized. Becoming organized in a storm of meetings, blogging, date nights, parent teacher conferences and working out, was definitely a triumph for me. It took time, along with a lot of patience and after almost throwing the towel in a few times, it was definitely worth getting on track. Here are five tips that I live by that will help any mompreneur find structure and balance while building a booming business.



Plan Ahead

Have your ever heard the phrase “If you stay ready, you’ll never have to get ready?” I’m quite sure that I may be quoting a rap lyric, but the line for sure makes a lot of sense and is definitely the truth! I prepare at night for the day ahead, as much as possible. Once bedtime hits, it is then when I process, plan and organize. The next day will be solely based on execution.


Mia Ray

Invest In A Calendar

My calendar comes to my rescue like a superhero. While chasing my two-year-old around, there are many times when I’m not even aware of the day or the date, which makes it easy for things to slip my mind. Without my calendar, I would be lost. I’m still pretty much old-school, so I’m still a fan of paper calendars, although the same rules apply on an electronic one. I post it on my wall so that it is in clear view of what I have to do for the entire week. Any time something new appears on my schedule, I immediately transfer it to my calendar. It keeps me aware of how I will process my time each day.


Mia Ray


All moms feel like we have eight arms at times, although we don’t, we still have to work as if we do. While I prepare dinner, my 13-year-old and I go over homework assignments. During playtime when my infant Santana is more interested in Elmo than he is in me, I take full advantage to draft a blog post and publish during naptime. Any openings where a task can be accomplished, I go for it!




Priorities MUST remain in order. You never want to waste the small amount of time that you have on meaningless things. I write a to-do list each day, with the most important task first. Depending on my day, sometimes I organize my list with which task is the fastest to accomplish, that helps speed up the process when it’s crunch time. All in all, by the end of the week, you look back and see how much you’ve achieved! It’s a gratifying feeling and it keeps you motivated to do more.


Mia Ray

Ask For Help

Asking for help shows strength, not weakness. Being a momtrepreneur, we wear so many hats, that at times we have to either pass the hat or take it completely off. Passing a task, whether it be asking for work-related assistance or taking someone up on his or her offer to babysit. A helping hand is always a great source of taking some of the burden off of you, making it easier to concentrate and focus.

Mia Ray is a  fashion blogger, fab mom of two and mompreneur. Ray started her fashion blog Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic in November of 2009, but it isn’t just her fashion savvy we’re obsessed with, it’s her can-do attitude that is contagious–from getting in a good workout it, starting a hair line, designing fashion totes or running after her children, Mia is that mom.

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