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Listen, I’m just like any other Millennial you know. I love my gadgets: my iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Air. And if I’m nose-deep in any one of my tech toys, I’m most likely ignoring whatever else is happening around me (sorry, not sorry). But when the popularity of fitness trackers started booming, I was slow to hop on the bandwagon for that device. Not only did I not want to further cripple my interpersonal skills, but I also couldn’t see myself dropping a couple hundred on an accessory I thought to be unnecessary. Since I’m not a gym junkie, I saw no reason to monitor my fitness goals. Little did I know, however, once I finally gave into the fitness-meets-tech-meets-fashion wave, it would quite literally change my life.

Before I was gifted my Fitbit Alta, I had already started taking my overall health more seriously. Aside from my weakness for chocolate-covered donuts, I started eating healthier, spending more time working out, and finding a work-life balance to alleviate needless stress. Trust me; I was no Hannah Bronfman by any means, but I was active enough to hopefully avoid any hospital visits in the near future. Surprisingly, the moment I slapped the smart bracelet onto my wrist, I realized I was much more subpar in regards to physical fitness than I thought.

First off, I was barely clocking 5,000 steps daily, realizing I was mostly a sitting duck staring at a computer screen. Not to mention, my tracker reported how restless I was throughout the night. I started making it a habit to check my Fitbit stats daily to see what else I lacked in the health department. I’d wake up, check Twitter, look at my email, then browse through my Fitbit app and make it a point to beat my activity goals from the previous day. It didn’t take more than a week for me to get hooked on my bracelet.

Fast forward a few months, and I now walk to the beat of my fitness tracker’s drum. My obsession to keep my health in check energizes me throughout the day, and I’m more mindful of my movements. Am I sitting down for too long? Am I wasting time? Can I squeeze in an additional 200 steps? I opt for the stairs instead of an escalator, and if it’s a nice day, I’ll walk a few blocks before hopping on the train home. As well, I’ve detached from my other gadgets since they sync directly to my Fitbit. I don’t have to be constantly buried in my phone to feel connected. And I feel like I’m always seeking out new ways to move and, as a result, I’m less stressed, more relaxed and catching more quality Zs.

I’m actually living on a daily basis now.

Let’s be honest, hopping around and two-stepping at a brunch party to Rihanna’s “Work” can burn some calories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re reaching your full active potential. In fact, if you’re anything like me, you’re up all night working, your sleep cycle is trash, and you’re not even close to consuming the proper amounts of water daily. So, you need something to help you turn that around. Because a lot of us spend eight or more hours sitting in an office, swiping through petty celebrity squabbles on social media, we might not realize how full our lives aren’t. Trust me, a fitness tracker will broaden the scope of your day by resetting how you move (literally and figuratively).

Nowadays, I get excited when the Fitbit lightly buzzes as a reminder to get up and walk around, go outside for some fresh air, or to tell me that I reached my step goal for the day. It’s the accountability partner I never knew I needed, and it’s the one thing that has helped me improve my overall physical and mental wellness. Just so you know, I’m still not a health nut. But please believe, I’m on the right track. My tracker changed the way I live, and it can do the same for you.

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