Apparently, Staring At Someone Can Make Them Appear More Attractive

March 28, 2016  |  

Study: Staring Can Make A Person Appear More Attractive

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Don’t think the guy at the post office who has been trying to get your attention for months is all that attractive? Try giving him a second look.

A recent Harvard study published in the Psychological Science journal suggests that staring at a person can make them appear more attractive.

According to Glamour, for the experiment, researchers placed two faces next to one another on a screen and had men and women look at them. Prior to the faces being brought up on the display, a black dot appeared on one side of the screen around the area where the face’s eyes would later appear. The intention was to draw the volunteers’ attention to one face or the other. In the end, the faces that appeared on the side where the dot also appeared were considered more attractive.

“These results show that attention alters perceived facial attractiveness, and broadly demonstrate that attention can influence higher-level perception and may affect people’s initial impressions of one another,” Harvard University’s Viola Störmer and George Alvarez shared in the paper, according to Daily Mail.

The study also found that certain facial features that would typically be deemed desirable don’t hold much weight when it comes to how physically attractive we find someone.

It looks like it’s true what they say about folks growing on you.

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