Things You Do When You’re Bored With Your Dead-End Job

March 24, 2016  |  
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Work days can be long and tedious.  That is especially true when you work at a dead-end job.  And if you’re working at a dead-end job where your days are particularly long and tedious, chances are you’re also bored at said job.  With little to no change in your routine despite being employed at this dead-end job for what feels like eons, no potential for growth or support of your career plans, it’s easy to see why you would be bored.  Mix in your obvious lack of enthusiasm and you’ve got yourself a textbook dead-ender.  So until you find a better job, how do you get through those long, tedious, boring work days?  Let us know if any of these scenarios ring a bell.


Look For Other Work

Staying at a dead-end job is the equivalent of torture.  And since you take no pleasure in your own pain, you spend whatever time you can at work looking for other work.  Might as well write a cover letter and send out your resume.  Just make sure your boss, supervisor, and co-workers are none the wiser.

Tupac Looking At Clock Meme

What Time Is It Now?

You’re an expert at watching the clock, asking people what time it is and calculating in your head how much more time you have left until the day is over.  The problem is, you do this incessantly and only five minutes have passed since the last time you checked your watch.  Sigh.  What time is it now?

Image Source: Quick Meme

Image Source: Quick Meme

Social Media

You like and retweet Facebook statuses and tweets the second they pop up on your feed and search for stories and memes that will make you laugh–even if they don’t make you productive.

Image Source: FX/

Image Source: FX/

Bathroom Break

You don’t really have to use the bathroom; you just go to escape work and co-workers.  And play Candy Crush.  Or contemplate what’s become of your life.

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Random Internet Searches

A dead-end job is a perfect place to suddenly remember that boy you had a crush on in the third grade or that cool girl you lost touch with after you both graduated from high school.  Conducting Internet searches on random people or Internet stalking former flames is a distraction that can take up a lot of time. Sounds like a plan!

Image Source: Meme Generator

Image Source: Meme Generator


Because nothing else will get you through.

Image Source: Some Ecards

Image Source: Some Ecards

Drink Coffee

Surely coffee will do the trick.


Mantra Queen

Reading inspirational quotes and repeating positive mantras can help lift you out of that slump and remind you that brighter days are ahead…until you look at your watch and realize you have three hours left in the day.

Extended Lunch Break

Your lunch breaks go longer and longer to the point where you wonder if anyone has noticed you’re missing from the office.  But chances are you don’t really care.  You need this break.

Image Source: Some Ecards

Image Source: Some Ecards

Act Busy

No one can know that you’re spending billable hours looking for another job, so you act busy until you feel like doing actual work.

Image Source: Tumblr/WotYouGot

Image Source: Tumblr/WotYouGot

Take A Walk

Stretch your muscles, breathe some fresh air and get your blood pumping with a power walk.  It can clear your mind and help you return to the office with some much-needed gusto.

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