My Husband Works At Home, So What?

March 24, 2016  |  

Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier

Our human ability to cast judgement on others will never cease to amaze me. All of us are guilty of pointing fingers or “sipping the tea” from someone else’s life.

My husband works at home but is not your typical stay-at-home dad. Thanks to modern technology and a little thing called telecommuting, he’s able to work from his home office full-time in a different state from his company’s physical location. This has afforded our growing family (we have two son’s under two-years-old) the opportunity to live in a state that has a lower cost of living.

Whenever the topic of jobs come up, it’s always interesting to hear the responses. People know my man is an engineer but are puzzled as to how he can work from home so much–and why he thinks it’s okay to do so. I guess all men are suppose to be outside of the home during the day to prove their manliness? The funny thing is his guy friends think it’s the coolest setup, though they can’t seem to understand it involves working and not playing video games all day.

If you talk to my husband, he’s very proud to be a work-from-home daddy as it gives him additional time to spend (and bond) with his son. Sure we both get busy throughout the day (I work from home, too), but our situation is so perfect as we can both do what we love without paying for childcare. I wouldn’t change it for the world and look at him with such pride.

Those who raise an eyebrow to my husband being home “graciously” give him a pass once they figure out he works. This of course opens up a new discussion about the dynamics of today’s modern family and how things are changing. Men can be men and stay at home with their children. A very good friend of mine and her family are a great example of this. She works full-time while her husband takes care of the house, and their three children’s daily hobbies and school responsibilities. He also takes here-and-there jobs on the side to help bring in additional income if needed.

Parents who make the choice to stay at home is a decision between those individuals–and shouldn’t receive judgement from outsiders. At the end of the day, no one knows their finances, how much they save and other dynamics about their household. If it works for them, let it work for them.

I find it interesting how women fight so hard to remove gender-based stereotypes, but yet, will oftentimes be the one to point the finger at a man if he doesn’t fulfill a certain image.

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