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Caffeine is in pretty much everything these days–your favorite chocolate candy, your beloved Starbucks drink, and more and more, in your beauty products. I’m talking soaps, scrubs, and most often, eye creams. Caffeine can easily absorb through the skin, and the theory is, by placing caffeine cream under your eyes, the anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

And that’s what 100% Pure, the company behind the organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream I was asked to test, said their product would do. In fact, they even stated that they had proof that it worked via an independent 4-week study that said, reportedly, 83 percent of people involved in the research saw an immediate reduction in puffiness. About 87 percent saw a decrease in dark circles after continued use, and 87 percent said that they looked more “awake” after using the product.

But every person’s skin is different, especially my own, so I tried the product for myself to see the difference it could make in the dark circles I’ve consistently had around my eyes.

I know I don’t get as much sleep as I should, and that’s why most mornings, I look as tired as I feel on the way to work. But I will say, the eye cream did, in fact, make me look more energized. I used it consistently for about a week straight, and found that after each use, I did look a lot more alert, my eyes were less heavy, the lines underneath them were less apparent, and I didn’t feel the need to reach for makeup to have a certain glow. I enjoy the smell of the product, which grew on me after initially being too strong. It is coffee bean; there’s no doubt about that. And I also could appreciate how thick the cream is, filled with antioxidants and anti-aging vitamins, because watery emollients just don’t penetrate the same.

100 percent pure eye cream

However, I will say that for my type of dark circles, there wasn’t much fading happening. I’ve had dark circles around my eyes since I was a child, and I inherited the look from my dad. So the thickest of creams won’t really take care of that. Still, as I said before, I did find that the eye cream energized my skin, making me look more sharp and fresh in the mornings. And it wasn’t an oily cream that left my face with a shiny, greasy appearance. It did a great job of attacking puffiness as well, and can be used in the morning and before bedtime. The company recommends using the product, at the most, three times a day.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the “100% Pure” organic ingredients are, they include organic aloe, rosehip oil, organic green coffee, green tea, vitamin E and C, rosemary, thyme, coffee cherry and more.

So, is this product, which sells on its website for $25, worth it?

If you have dark circles that have been around for as long as you can remember, then probably not. But if you know that you do struggle with dark circles that primarily come about because of a lack of rest and stress, then products infused with coffee like this one are worth the price. It seemed to work a great deal for the many women who reviewed the product (it’s the company’s best seller and has more than 400 reviews, a majority being positive) and said they struggle with not only puffiness and dark circles but also lines and wrinkles around their eyes.

If you’re interested in the cream, it comes in a convenient 1 fl oz container that you can throw in any bag or luggage, and it will last a while because just a little bit of cream goes a long way. Put it on before you apply your go-to makeup, or go barefaced and energized out the door!

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