#RelationshipGoals: Does He Like Me Or Is He Just Being Nice?

March 24, 2016  |  



Remember Chocolate James Bond and the mixed signals he’d send? Well, he’s still sending them.

I got my hands on two tickets to see King, a jazzy trio of beautiful Black women vocalists and decided I’d ask my piece of delicious chocolate if he wanted to go with me. It had been at least three months since I seen him, as he was in Atlanta on location for a play and movie he was shooting. We spoke sporadically on the phone and via text, always flirting, always encouraging one another.

I texted Roman a few days before the concert, “Hey handsome!” And his three dots showed up immediately.

“Beautiful! What’s up? I was just thinking about you,” Roman quickly replied.

“Good thoughts, I’m sure.”

“The best thoughts always,” Roman accompanied his text with a heart eyes emoji.

I sent him one back and asked, “What are you doing on Thursday night?”

“More than likely hanging out with you. What’s up? What are we doing?” Roman knew I was going to ask him to come out with me and he charmingly ushered in my ask.

“I’ve got tickets to see King. Do you like them?”

Roman’s dots showed up, disappeared and showed up again, then my phone rang. It was him.

“Hey baby! I never heard of King. Who are they?” Roman asked with so much excitement in his voice.

I laughed, “You just had to call, didn’t you?”

“Is it a problem that I like your voice?” He asked with a laugh in his tone.

“Of course not,” I laughed. “I can’t believe you haven’t heard of King! Their music is right up your alley. Here, let me send you something.”

I clicked around on my phone with him on speaker and sent him a video of King singing one of my favorite songs of theirs, “Hey.”

He turned it up loud enough so that I could hear. I smiled at him sharing with me, something I shared with him.

“You know me so well. They’re dope. I’m in.” Roman said when the song ended.

Thursday night came and we decided to meet there. I rushed to get there from work and was a few minutes late, but when I hopped out of the cab, I didn’t see him anywhere. The line was forming and I walked to the end of it, still didn’t see him.

I texted him, “Hey, I’m here.”

Ten minutes later, I got a reply from him, “Walking there now. Few minutes!”

Ten minutes came and went and the line moved me inside where I was making small talk with the coat check girl. I watched the door, waiting for Roman to grace us all with his undeniable charm and good looks.

Five minutes later, Roman finally walked in. Good Lord his teeth shined like he spent his whole life brushing them. “Dani baby!” he walked to me with his arms wide open and hugged me tight.

“Roman!” I said as I nuzzled into his neck. I planted a kiss on it. I wasn’t even mad that he was late.

“I’m so sorry I’m late! I ran into someone I know, we started talking…”

I cut him off, “It’s fine. There’s an opening act, so we’re good.” Roman placed his hand at the small of my back, leading me downstairs.

Roman looked at me with those pearly whites, smiled and asked, “You want a drink?”

“Of course,” I noticed many women in the venue’s eyes glued on Roman. How could they not be? But then, those eyes went from him to his hand on the small of my back and then to me. Those eyes were not only watching me, they were judging me, or judging him for being with me.

I didn’t feel self-conscious, I felt powerful. I felt like I had something the whole room wanted. It felt good.

At the bar, the bartender flirted with Roman and ignored me. “Another drink sugar?” She asked when he ordered his drink, then mine.

“Well, yeah. I’m not drinking alone,” Roman put his arm around my shoulder. “I have to get one for my girl too,” he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

The bartender’s smile faded and she reluctantly fixed my drink. She placed the drink in front of him, “It’s on me guys. Enjoy the night,” she waved us off.

We left the bar to get a spot on the floor. Roman let his hand find the small of my back again and caressed it. He let his arm linger across my butt. I smiled at the sensation. I was mostly pleased that with those affectionate touches from that beautiful man I was able to continue standing.

“So what’s been up D?”

I told Roman everything that’s been happening at work, everything I was working on outside of work and let him know I was in the gym, working on my fitness. He smiled the entire time, offering advice and insight. And then he said, “You make me sick. All I want to do is suck on your lips, your neck…” I could see his eyes on my lips.

I blushed. It was almost as if the universe knew I had no idea what to do with that moment, so they sent out King. The three songbirds introduced themselves and Roman let his hand rest on the top of my butt.

As the concert went on, we got closer. His hand started palming my butt and squeezing it. I leaned into him, enjoying the caress. I wanted to melt into his arms. I felt tingles all over my body. By the time the concert ended, Roman’s hand found its way to mine. He squeezed it and brought it to his mouth and kissed it. His lips felt like pillows. My goosebumps played hopscotch up and down my spine. “Thank you,” he said, interrupting the goosebumps’ skips.

“You’re more than welcome,” I managed to squeeze out.

“Let’s go?” Roman asked interlacing his fingers into mine. He lead me through the crowd. Those same eyes that watched me and Roman when we first came in were still watching as we left.

The crowd slowly moved towards the exit, but we spent a lot of time standing from spot to spot. While we stood in one particular place, I heard a woman say, “How did she pull him?”

I didn’t even turn around to look at the critic. I just nuzzled into Roman even more. He put his arm around my neck and pulled me into him, kissing the top of my head. I knew that critic behind me and all the eyes who watched, were gagging.

Once we got outside, I asked Roman if he wanted to grab a bite. He looked at the time and then grimaced. “I really should go to the gym. I have a shoot tomorrow.”

I frowned. “That’s fine. Another time.”

“Definitely,” Roman hugged me tight. “Thank you again for tonight.”

While still in the hug, I said, “No problem. There’s no one else I’d rather be with tonight.” I knew I was buttering him up for that goodnight kiss. He’d been so affectionate all night, I knew the kiss was coming.

But it didn’t. Roman released himself from the hug and held both of my hands. He looked to his left and spotted a cab and said, “I gotta catch this cab,” and released my hands and ran to get in the cab.

I couldn’t help but stand there stunned, thinking, does he like me or is he just being nice?


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