Beyonce: “Motherhood Is My Greatest Accomplishment” And She’s Right!

March 14, 2016  |  

Blue Ivy


Beyonce is a multi-platinum recording artist, singer-songwriter, actress, producer, entrepreneur, and pop-icon worth $450 million. During the course of her over a decade-long solo music career, she has released five critically acclaimed albums, sold over 160 million records worldwide, won 20 Grammy Awards, and is the most nominated female of all time with 53 nominations.

She has been listed twice by Time magazine as one of “100 The Most Influential People In The World.” And in 2015, Forbes magazine listed her as “The Most Powerful Female Musician.”  

At just 34-years-old, Beyonce has already achieved more than a lifetime of worth of accomplishments.

Surprisingly, Mrs. Carter does not rank any of these feats as her greatest. In an interview with Garage Magazine, the powerhouse revealed that motherhood and the birth of her daughter, Blue Ivy, with megastar husband and businessman Jay Z, is her greatest achievement thus far.

“Out of everything I’ve accomplished,” she said, “my proudest moment hands down was when I gave birth to my daughter Blue.”

The internet, of course, had lots of negativity to spew about Beyonce’s statement, basically saying she set feminism back 100 years, but I say, “Talk about being a self-proclaimed modern day feminist!”

For one of the most powerful women in society to own her femininity and admit that love is her greatest accomplishment, means that there is still hope for mankind. If Beyonce stopped singing tomorrow, the world would carry on. If all of the musicians in the world decided to stop making music, we, as a human race, would survive to live another day. We might be quite depressed, but we’d move forward to figure it out.

On the contrary, if women stopped having babies, there would be no tomorrow for mankind. This is about as common sense as common sense can be. This is not to set us back 50 years. Yes, women should have access to professional careers, equal pay, higher education, and we should be proud when we excel at achieving all of the above.

However, the purpose of working harder, getting smarter, and earning more money is not just for esteem, but the purpose is to better our own lives and the well-being of those we love. Looking good, feeling good, maintaining our own well-being, acquiring nice things, these are all means to a specific end that is a good life with those we love. None of these things matter without people to share them with. Love is end goal.

This is not the first time Beyonce publicly expressed her joy as mother. In 2012 an interview with Oprah Winfrey, 13 months after giving birth, Beyonce describes the experience of finding her true self through mothering Blue Ivy. She discusses in detail how she studied the power of her own energy to control her birthing experience, the close bond she desired to have with her daughter, and how motherhood empowered her as a wife.

Beyonce is worth half a billion dollars, and she has a social media following of over 62 million people. In 2014, she dropped a platinum-selling album in the middle of the night without advertisement. Her track record proves Forbes magazine right. She is indeed the most powerful female musician and probably the most powerful musician alive male or female. Yet, she proclaims her greatest power move to be the process by which women she give and nurture life, motherhood.

What’s wrong with that? Why do we, as women, undermine and devalue the greatest power on earth that happens to reside within our inner being? Life, we are the givers of life. You cannot get more powerful than that unless you are God.

If the woman who can have anything that she desires materially upholds her own sexually as her greatest power, maybe we should all sit up and take note. What would become of this world, if all women honored and protected the power of their vaginas as much as Beyonce? Who knows…maybe we’d achieve peace on earth.

Clarissa Joan is a spiritual life coach and editor-in-chief of The Clarissa Joan Experience. She resides in Philadelphia with her husband, their two girls, and a yorkie named Ace. Clarissa is also an expert in impact investing.

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