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In our office, I’m something of a pariah when it comes to menstrual cycles. Blame it on “menstrual synchrony.”

I was blamed late last year for messing up everyone’s cycle schedule, as though I had pulled a Craft and put a spell on the flow of my colleagues. I came in one day (one like any other) and complained about my PMS symptoms. Before I knew it, everyone’s period started, one after the other, soon after my own, moving them from their usual start dates. I get crap about it every month–and it’s hurtful.

Just kidding! It’s not hurtful at all, but it definitely is interesting. So when I ran across a Women’s Health story this morning about the possible reasons for periods syncing up, I had to check it out and share it with you.

Alyssa Dweck, M.D., the ob-gyn for the Mount Kisco Medical Group, told the site that the periods of roommates and family members can start around a similar time because of pheromones. They are the odorless chemicals we give off that can mess with physiology. But Dweck also says that people who operate in close quarters can pick up one another’s habits–similar diets, exercise practices, sleep cycles and when you wake up (the latter is clearly for those who live together), and getting stressed out about the same things. She says that all of this stuff can have an impact on your menstrual cycle. In addition to that, Dweck says women who live in close quarters also tend to start their birth control around a similar time (Sunday seems to be the optimal day), so if you started popping a pack of pills around the same time as the women you live or work with, there should be no surprise there…

While there’s no solid scientific evidence proving what researchers refer to as menstrual synchrony, just know you’re not crazy if you’ve noticed everyone’s trying to jock your steez by starting their periods when you do…*wink*


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