If Something Happened To You, Would You Trust Your Best Friend To Raise Your Child?

March 4, 2016  |  

Would You Trust Your Best Friend To Raise Your Child

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I used to love Tia and Tamera’s reality show. It was beautiful to watch the bond between these two play out on screen as they overcame their drastic personality differences. Watching it with my own sister was always entertaining, inspiring and often times therapeutic.

I enjoyed so much of the series but one episode, in particular, stuck out to me. It was either right before or right after Tia gave birth to her son Cree. She and Tamera were having a very serious discussion about who would take care of their children if something happened to them, like if she and Cory Hardrict, were either dead or somehow unable to take care of their children.

Tia, who posed the question, said that she would want Tamera to take care of her child. And Tamera was honored. And then she went quiet, smiling at the thought of her sister trusting her so much. But Tia wanted to know what Tamera thought. Who would she choose to take care of her children. When she asked, she didn’t get the answer she was looking for. Tamera would want their mother to take care of her children. Tia was shocked and hurt honestly. But Tamera argued that she and their mother have similar styles of discipline. And, at the time, Tia didn’t believe in spanking Cree, whereas Tamera was in favor of corporeal punishment.

The whole episode got me thinking about who I would want to look after my own children in the event of some tragedy like that. The only answer I could come up with was my sister. We’re different personality wise but we were raised with the same values. And as we’ve grown, I see that we share many of the new ones. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that she would protect my children with her life, nurture them, inspire and help them to become all that God would have them to be in this world. Honestly, there’s a good chance that she might be better with them than I would be. So, it’s not a question for me at all.

My parents would be great too but they’re older now and I would only choose my sister over them because I wouldn’t want my child to have to deal with the loss of a parental figure twice.

And while there are many people I love in this world, my sister is the only person I would trust with such a responsibility. I love my best friend dearly. She is my soulmate. But loving and knowing her the way that I do, I don’t know if she would be the best person to raise my children. I want her to be around them for sure. I want them to know and interact with her often. I want her to pour into them all the knowledge and love she’s poured into me. But the day in, day out responsibilities of raising children, feeding them nutritious foods, running them to their extracurricular activities, making sure they maintain a positive outlook on life is different than just loving them, like I know she will.

I saw all of this to ask who would you trust to raise your child and who are the people who you love with all your heart but wouldn’t want them to raise your child?

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