Get Out Mama: 7 Reasons Why Mama’s Night Out Is a Must

March 4, 2016  |  

Mia Ray (center) and friends

Mia Ray (center) and friends

Everyone knows that being a mom is a full-time job. It doesn’t matter if you have one child, or an entire village of children, you are always on the clock nurturing and providing for your family. Because we have so much on our plates at all times, it’s always so refreshing to reward ourselves with a night on the town. Whether we’re hanging out with our mate, our besties and even solo, a mommy’s night out is extremely important.

An evening of adult fun is something that every mom looks forward to. Of course, we love the entertainment and joy of our little ones, but there’s just something about being able to conduct a conversation that doesn’t include Elmo and Elsa (lol). Pick a date, book a babysitter and plan to let your hair down…literally. Here are 7 reasons why having mommy’s night out is so important.


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A Mental Break

The sounds of “Mommy…Mom…Ma” being put on mute for just a few hours will feel like a mini-mental vacation. After a week’s long task of thinking for yourself and for the rest of your household, this downtime of relaxation and fun can put your brain at ease for the time being. This not so quiet “quiet time” will definitely be music to your ears.

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Quality Time

Quality time is vital in any relationship. With your mate, it’s always important to continue to date each other. With your focus being solely on raising your children, taking a few nights to spend with each other alone can be very beneficial to your partnership. Spending quality time with your very own mom is a great idea as well. Instead of asking her to babysit for your night out, let her know how much you appreciate her and that she’s your date tonight.

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Get Dressed Up

After days of loungewear and mommy mode attire, it’s time to hit your closet for a personal makeover. It’s such a great feeling to be able to wear those pieces from your closet that you daydream about daily. Glide on your favorite lipstick, spray your favorite perfume and get your evening started. You deserve it.

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Great Activities

Mommy’s night out can be an innovative way to explore and try new activities. The same routine can become boring and uninteresting. Enjoying different activities results in feeling refreshed and energetic. With our time away from our children, every moment that we have should be used wisely.

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Being able to unplug from our electronics, with just a few glances at our phone to be sure that the babysitter isn’t calling, is such a relaxing feeling. Here’s our chance to shift our focus onto great conversation and fun. This time away from work, kids and responsibilities may not happen often, enjoy it while it lasts.

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There are a few pleasantries that we may not get to enjoy often, but during our time out, we can indulge in a few of them. Whether it’s a cocktail (or two), sweet desserts or even your favorite genre of music blasting from your car speakers, it’s so refreshing to treat yourself.

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Giving yourself this one night to luxuriate in your very own time with friends and partners, can recharge your battery for another few weeks of mommy mode. As moms, we don’t ask for much which is why we appreciate the simplicity of just having a few hours with “mommy mode” on standby.


Mia Ray is a fashion blogger, fab mom of two and mompreneur. Ray is in her sixth year of running the successful brand, Confessions Of A Glam-Aholic, where Ray serves her fashion savvy and contagious can-do attitude.

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