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About two years ago I started using natural deodorant when I noticed my underarms were breaking out with huge cystic bumps. Sometimes they went away within 24 hours. Sometimes they would set up shop for weeks at a time leaving my entire arm aching to the point of tears. I even would go to the dermatologist and get cortisone shots to numb the pain and help the swelling. Still, nothing quite worked until I put down the antiperspirant all together.

After doing research in regards to the trauma that my underarms were going through, I realized that antiperspirants were to blame point blank. For me, antiperspirants are my worst nightmare. Seriously. While these products are known to control sweating and body odor, they also contain toxic aluminum-based compounds that clog the sweat glands, ultimately interfering with the release of sebum from our sweat glands. However, opposite them is deodorant, which simply kills the bacteria when you sweat, so you do not smell.

So, my deodorant journey then began. But not just any deodorant. I decided to go all natural for the sake of it. I tried the mineral roll-on method but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t buy that simply rubbing a stone with a few natural ingredients was going to keep me funk-free throughout the entire day and cut down my perspiration. And as I expected, it didn’t.

After a few more failed products like Tom’s of Maine, which left my underarms super-sticky and gross, my mom bought me Crystal Essence, raving that the reviews said it works wonders. Thankfully, it did! A mineral deodorant roll-on that gives natural protection, their Lavender and White Tea became my go-to. With natural mineral salts, refreshing aromas, and a long-lasting, non-sticky, non-staining formula, I felt like I had hit the goldmine, finally.

But, when it comes to natural deodorants, I’ve learned that there’s a key to using it that you must know. Just a few months ago Erykah Badu made a joke about having to roll on 100 strokes of natural deodorant to make sure you’re smelling fresh and clean. While many laughed, I nodded my head in agreeance. 100 is a bit overkill but the notion of having to apply an ample amount was the honest truth. A lot of other products require just a simple swatch and go, but I find that I have to put on a healthy helping of deodorant on the daily as opposed to when I wore antiperspirants.  So much so that I even keep a mini one in my purse to freshen up throughout the day so I’m never caught slipping. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is probably one of the only con’s about natural deodorant: it’s just not as strong because it doesn’t have harsh chemicals. A few of my friends have also tried the same product and mentioned the same, keeping a friendly compartment in their purse empty in case they need to refresh their situation right quick.

Regardless of the inconvenience it poses at times, I’ve stuck with natural deodorant for the past two years and my underarms are cyst-free and quite happy.

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