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Serious Question: What's The Dumbest Thing Your Husband Has Ever Done?


Husbands can be wonderful. Many of them are great providers, amazing fathers, and fantastic life partners. However, many wives will joke that while their spouses possess all of these awesome characteristics, there’s a small part of them that refuses to grow up. And occasionally, that inner child gets free reign to act the complete fool. Take this woman’s husband for example. He spent their mortgage money, $2,500, on sneakers—Yeezys to be exact. The frustrated wife turned to Reddit to both vent and seek advice on how to handle the situation.

To preface this a little, my husband used to collect sneakers but has stopped and only buys a pair every few months. He doesn’t go crazy buying pairs, and his collection is rather small now. He’s sold a few of his “grails” as he calls it so we could put a down payment on our house. We both work reasonable jobs and have enough to save and pay for the mortgage each month.

But seriously, something just clicked in his head and he apparently went crazy this weekend. I seriously cannot believe he spent that much on shoes. I come home this morning after a graveyard shift to a few shoe boxes scattered around the living room floor. I thought to myself, maybe he’s getting rid of some more pairs and don’t really give it a second thought.

He comes home after his run, and before I take a nap, he asks what I think about those shoes in the living room. I’m like… “Uhh, I didn’t really bother opening them since I thought you were going to give them away.” He gives me a pretty stern look, and I knew he wasn’t planning on it. He told me he bought them. I was like isn’t 4 pairs a little too much (assuming they were new sneakers. Usually he spends about $100 for a new pair of runners).

Then he dropped the bomb. He said those 4 pairs total cost us $2.5k. I had no idea what to say. I was completely dumbfounded. Who in their right mind spends $2.5k on 4 pairs of sneakers? He said he bought 2 pairs off of a guy in a local sneaker group that he met up this morning. Each pair was $1k… I asked him wtf. He said he wanted a pair of the Yeezys. But he had to buy 2 since he wanted “one to stock and one to rock”. I was livid at this point I thought he was done with this bullsh-t, and now he spends this month’s mortgage on 4 pairs of fcking sneakers. He said the other 2 pairs he got at the mall, so I’m going to get him to f-cking return those.

I still can’t believe he spent 2.5k on shoes. I’m really f-cking upset right now, and I have no idea wtf to do with $2k of our money locked up in shoes.

Clearly, dude did not think this situation all the way through. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself occasionally. But with the mortgage money? Come on, son.

While this example is a little extreme, this woman is definitely not alone when it comes to husbands who do things that leave their wives saying, “Dude, what were you thinking?” In fact, there’s an entire thread dedicated to this very subject. And it’s absolutely hilarious. One woman shared:

We ran out of toothpaste one evening, so my husband took a quick trip to the supermarket (less than 5 minutes away) to get some more. He returned an hour later having spent around $150 and bought items including a saucepan, a jigsaw puzzle, candy, striped face cloths and more – NONE of which we needed – but no toothpaste.

Another woman chimed in:

My husband is very smart. He has two doctorates and is so intelligent that his friends call him “tater” in order to bring him down a notch. But, that said, house-repairing stuff isn’t really his thing…

One day he decided that our roof was problematic for some reason. He went up there, ostensibly, to patch it and replace a few shingles. By the end of the day, he had ripped fully half of the roof off because he said he found rotting wood. He wasn’t prepared to really cover it well for the night, and wound up using some tarps and such that weren’t remotely watertight.

Now, this was Florida in the summer, and everyone knows that in Florida in the summer we get storms nearly every day. That day was no exception, and in fact we got the worst storm of the summer that night. At one point, it was quite literally raining indoors. The drywall and floor were completely ruined in the master bedroom and bathroom, the relatively new floor in the great room was damaged, and most of the drywall in the kitchen was ruined.

All I could do was laugh, because it was either that or commit murder. Laughing was the less bloody option, and since there was already a massive mess, it was the option I chose.

Ladies, we know you have some stories. What’s the dumbest thing your husband has ever done?

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