Hilarious Texting Moves We All Need To Stop Making

May 19, 2016  |  
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It’s 2016, so I’m sure we all know that most people prefer texting to calling. After a day spent sending “wyd” messages back and forth to friends and prospective romantic interests, many of us have sent well over 100 texts a day. That’s quite a bit. And in the hours that pass as we send such messages, we run across some very colorful ones, amirite?

From the contact who is an emoji abuser to the guy who just won’t text back, these are the funny and not so funny things that you come across and deal with as a habitual texter. Have you pulled these texting moves or had these types of messages pop up on your phone? If so, let us know in the comment section below. Oh, and if you’re sending 100 text messages in a day, you may want to give your phone a break. And possibly find yourself a hobby.

Entrapment Texts

Not cool, mom. Not cool. 

Silent Conversations

Remember when you actually went to another room to find a person to ask them a question instead of just texting them?

We don’t either.

Leaving Each Other Hanging

Can I get a courtesy response back, please?

Assuming The Worst

The struggle is not always so real. People do get busy.

Sexting Requests

Is anybody good at this? Or do these messages always sound incredibly corny? 

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When Getting To Know Someone Goes Wrong

No, thank you, please.


Thank you for pretending as though you know my life, autocorrect.

Too Much Honest Tea

Does this phone feel ice cold to you?


Giving people heart attacks since texting became a thing.

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Flirting expert

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Especially if you’ve run out of funny pet names.

“New Phone Who Dis”

This works great, except in cases of when you have to deal with pesky bill collectors.

Playing With Each Other’s Emotions

I would say this is petty, but it’s actually kind of hilarious.

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