Mom Mogul: Sometimes You Have To Step Away To Move Forward

February 17, 2016  |  

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If there’s one thing I have learned about life it’s this: you don’t always have to have it together to make progress.

After a few years of working in the interior design industry I made the decision at 23-years-old to start my own business in New York City. Not worried about competition — and how over-saturated the industry was — I took a leap of faith and did my thing. This of course was right before the recession. Even though I was still wet behind the ears when it came to running a business, I actually had a pretty steady book of clients for the first couple years. Needless to say folks started pinching their purse strings a little harder once the economy took a dip that made me rethink my business plan. Looking to expand, I focused on providing decorating advice and inspiration online that has been my main focus ever since.

I always thought I would get back to my first passion, but like sands in an hourglass, time dwindled away. I got married. I became a mother and a year ago I had my second child. Where I am today and what I’m currently doing is not exactly how I pictured things would turn out (on the business front of course).

Has life ever led you down an unexpected path?

Now a proud wife and mother who works from home, I think back to those early years and how things have evolved. Any mother understands how your priorities and what you deem a necessity in your life change in an instant. It’s no longer about you as you have to focus on your family. No matter how different things played out in my life, there is a lesson I think is invaluable to us all: everything eventually falls into place.

Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to move forward.

For me that step meant ditching the service aspect of my company to focus on digital content and creative writing. Yes, there were days when I missed hitting the pavement and working with clients. If I was stubborn and didn’t have an economic backup plan–or thoughts of expanding my skill set–I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact, I would probably be in a corner somewhere wondering what went wrong. Taking some time away allowed me to refocus my priorities and adjust my goals. I developed a better understanding of the career woman I wanted to become and ways to accomplish it. It was no longer trying to be the biggest and baddest designer, but a relatable Jane-of-all-trades who could inspire others and have a wonderful work/life balance. I never knew I had passions in different areas until I began searching. Time has a way of changing everyone.

At my core I’m still the same girl, I just operate with a more developed lens. What’s funny is how things can come full circle as I have plans of integrating services back into my business plan this year.

Whether life deals you an unexpected blow or your spirit quietly tugs on your ear, take the time to stop and listen. Not every step back is one headed in the wrong direction.

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