Serious Question: Would You Have A One Night Stand While On Vacation With Your Mom?

February 17, 2016  |  

Travel With Your Parents


Would you hook up with strangers while on vacation with your mom? Usually mother-daughter trips are about bonding between, well the mother and the daughter, but when nature (i.e. hormones) call abroad, would you be comfortable having a one night stand with your mom a mere bedroom wall away? Well, one woman does and she loves it.

In her piece, I’m Fat And I Have Sex With Hot Strangers, Melissa Mankins explains how her amazing sex life has helped increase her self-esteem, especially when she doesn’t fit the beauty standard norm. “We are also told that no one is going to want to have sex with us, especially someone conventionally attractive. Just look at any women’s magazine — not a dimple in sight,” she wrote. “My own father told me when I was 10 years old that no man would ever want to hold my hand unless I lost weight and stopped biting my fingernails. LOL@dad, they want to do so much more than hold hands now.”

On the topic of doing more — or perhaps the most — Mankins detailed a recent road trip she took with her mother. While traveling from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, Mankins and her mother stayed in four different hotels because her mother was only willing to drive three hours per day. Since they had many layovers throughout their journey, Mankins decided to use Tinder to meet men and women and invite them over to her hotel room. On this particular trip, Mankins was inspired by Amber Rose’s Slut Walk, hence, she was feeling particularly sexually liberated. “To me, being called a slut isn’t degrading. I see it as empowering and symbolic of me taking ownership over what I choose to do with MY body. My fat beautiful curvy soft body,” she wrote.To pick the right people to have off-the-chain sex with, Mankins described her vetting process as such: she’ll browse the app for contenders and usually by the time she reaches the hotel, she’ll have six or seven candidates — all of who she described as “very attractive strangers.” Then, Mankins will have conversations with her choices and if she connects with one (who didn’t come off as “gross and demanding,” she’ll give him (or her) the green light.

To Mankins, sex is not a big deal and doesn’t have to equate to love in order for it to bemind blowing. Sometimes Mankins will go on dates with the people she hooks up with or hang out at their house. Other times they will come to her hotel room and they’ll bond over their similar interests which sometimes leads sex.

If you’re asking where Mankins’ mother is when all of this goes down, she’s in the next room sleeping peacefully. Some of Mankins’ contenders have joked about not making too much noise while having sex but for Mankins, having sex with strangers is more about orgasms and not making loud sex noises, it’s about her self-esteem.

Currently, Mankins is the biggest she’s ever been but said feels the most sexy and present. She also feels more confident being naked in front of her sex partners because she no longer uses the “Hey, I’m fat” speech as a brace for rejection. Concluding her piece, she wrote “I have a certain number of sexy individuals to thank for that. And no, I’m not telling you my number.”

We still wonder what her mom thinks about all this, but hey, she’s grown. Would you hook up while on vacation with your mom?

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