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My Friend Won’t Admit She Went Down On My Dude Back In The Day

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As told to Veronica Wells

When I went away to school, I’d always be surprised to look at Facebook and see that everyone who I went to high school with, had found themselves in relationships with other people we went to high school with. I guess, it’s really not that much of a leap. In my hometown the pool is small. And if you never left, then your options are both familiar and limited. But they also make for good stories for the grandkids. “We’ve known each other since we were 14 years old.” or “I use tuh couldn’t stand your grandfather when we were kids.”

When I lost my job, I moved back in with my parents until I could get on my feet. And, among other things, I swore that I was not going to take that same path. I knew all of the men there and I knew what they did and didn’t have to offer.

But you know what they say, “Never say never.” After six months of a social life that included me trying to crash my parents’ date nights, I realized I needed to do something differently. So, I decided to accept my best friend’s offer/challenge to go out.

It was at one of these outings that I remembered that there was one hometown boy who I absolutely wouldn’t mind getting reacquainted with. Daryl.

Daryl, who was built even when we were teenagers, was a year older than me. Though I’d heard his name over and over and seen him around, we didn’t actually speak to one another until my junior year of high school, when he was a senior. We just so happened to be taking an elective journalism class together where I finally got the chance to put a personality to the legend that people made him out to be. The class was second semester. So, while we flirted a little bit and even went out once or twice in a group date,  before either one of us could do anything about it, Daryl was graduating and leaving for college.

I can’t say I actively thought about him much over the past ten years but seeing him while I was out with my friends, I remembered how I used to have a thang for him. Emboldened by the alcohol, I approached Daryl that evening and it wasn’t long before we started dating. Things were going pretty well. While he was still fine as ever, he’d lost that “popular senior guy” appeal. And there were times when it seemed like he was yearning to get it back.

“You know I was a wild boy back in the day…” Usually, that would be the extent of the story. He’d raise his eyebrows knowingly and I’d smile awkwardly. I really didn’t need to know the extent of his hoe-ism.

One day though, his walk down memory lane got a little too personal.

“You know I used to be out here…ask your girls, they know,” he chuckled to himself afterward, shaking his head at his teenaged recklessness.

My girls?! What was he talking about? I was all ready to just dismiss this comment like all the other ones but I had to know.

“What do you mean my girls?” 

“Your girls…the ones you came to the club with a couple of months back… Brixton and Robin.” 

“How would they know?” 

You might think that a man might feel a way about telling you something intimate and potentially embarrassing about himself and your friends, but Daryl relayed the story nonchalantly, like he was giving me the weather.

“Yeah a week before we graduated, all the girls were trying to…I don’t know be a part of the festivities, you know, celebrate the moment. We were at a house party and your girls lead me and a couple of my friends to the back room and we all took turns getting a little head or whatever.” 


“Yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday.” 

The rest of that evening with Daryl was uneventful. We didn’t end our date right then and there but we might as well have because I had completely checked out. All I could think about was calling Robin and Brixton to get to the bottom of his story.

I called Brixton first. We’d known each other longer. She knew I liked Daryl back in high school. I was hoping that Daryl had simply been confused.

When I told her what he told me, she immediately busted out laughing.

“Girl, what?! I don’t know what Daryl is talking about or who he was thinking about but that NEVER happened.” 

I sighed, a bit relieved. Before I could ask her my follow up questions, Brixton abruptly changed the subject. It was strange. If someone is going to lie about something you did sexually, most women are going to be pretty upset about it. That’s not something you get over quickly. And while I played along, I knew, before I got off the phone with her, that I was going to call Robin and see what she had to say about it.

“Robin, listen girl, I have to ask you a question. It’s a bit personal. Tonight Daryl told me this crazy story about you and Brixton giving him and his teammates head back in high school. Did that really happen or is he tripping?” 

I was yearning for it not to be true.

I could hear Robin sigh heavily over the phone.

“Yeah girl, we did do that. I can’t speak for Brixton but I was real lost back then, just doing whatever. I still can’t really explain what that was about or what we were even thinking really.” 

I asked her one more time for clarification.

“It was you and Brixton?” 

“Yeah, the summer before we graduated.” 

I was shocked. None of us were nuns but I would have never imagined they would have done anything like that or that it would have been a decade before I found out about it.

“Why didn’t you tell me when I started dating Daryl?”

Robin sighed again.

“Honestly girl, it’s embarrassing. And I kind of thought Brixton would be the one to tell you, since y’all are so close. But more than that, I was hoping no one would ever speak of it again. I know I certainly try to pretend like it never happened.” 

I figured that was fair. I thanked her for her honesty, told her we all made stupid decisions in high school and hung up. Once I got past the fact that the story was actually true, I remembered Brixton’s denial of the incident. I wanted to believe that she was telling the truth but she had two witnesses against her. And neither one of them had anything to gain by lying. Brixton was the only one who might have thought she could save face and our friendship by pretending it didn’t happen.

Right now, I’m not so bothered by the fact that she sucked Daryl off. It was high school. It wasn’t full on intercourse. And more than anything, it’s more sad that infuriating. (It is a bit shady that she did that, knowing that I liked him in high school.) What gets me though is the fact that she, my friend, would 1, not tell me that it happened once she saw Daryl and I had started talking again and 2, that she would lie about the whole thing, as if there weren’t people, several of them to say what really did happen.

As long as we’ve been friends, her behavior is making me question our whole friendship. What else could she or what else has she lied about?

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