Relationship Hacks: How I Bagged A Guy (Sort Of)

February 8, 2016  |  

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I’ve never been one of those bold girls who approached guys. In most cases, if I liked him, I’d simply wait for him to notice me and make his move. And if he didn’t, then that would be the end of that. Well, except for that one time.

It was my last day of graduate school and to be honest, I was feeling myself a little bit. It had been a challenging couple of years, but I was proud to say that I survived, and I was able to walk away with my MBA. On top of that, I decided that I was ready to end my three-year mancation. My confidence was on level 1000.

To celebrate our last day of classes, my classmate Margaret* and I decided to hit up our favorite burger joint that was located just a couple of blocks from campus. And that’s where I saw Justin*. He was behind the counter, and he caught my attention immediately. He was absolutely adorable in his restaurant cap. While we waited for our food, he chatted up my friend and I. As it turns out, he worked nights at the restaurant and went to school during the day.

When the food was finally ready, my classmate and I said goodbye to our new friend and walked out of the door. I was almost sure that he was going to ask for my number before we left, but he didn’t.  As we waited to cross the street and head into the subway station, I glanced back, and I could still see him through the window. He was still looking at me. The light changed, but something in me wouldn’t allow me to leave.  I turned to Margaret.

“You have to go back in there for me,” I told her.

“What’s wrong? Did you forget something?”

“No, but he’s so cute, and I’m too shy to ask for his number,” I said.

Margaret, who was a few years older than me and clearly amused by my childish antics, smirked a little bit before she turned around and walked back into the restaurant. A few seconds later, she returned

“Girl, he was too ready,” Margaret said after giving me the tiny piece of paper with Justin’s number on it.

It was an amateur move, I know, but it got the job done. Justin and I started texting each other later that night. He told me that he was happy that I sent my girl back in because it’s against company rules to hit on customers. And well, I was happy for multiple reasons because in a way, I had overcome my little fear of approaching men. Sure, I used a wing woman to do so, but I still did it nonetheless.

Justin and I had a decent run before we ended things. Around the time that I met him, I also started casually dating the guy who would eventually become my fiancé. So yeah, you can guess how that went. We became exclusive and I had to cut ties with Justin. I don’t believe that I would have made a habit out of approaching men, but it was definitely a fun experience being the aggressor for once.

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