Don’t Rush My Body To Deliver

February 1, 2016  |  



Is it just me or does it seem like doctors are in a hurry to get their Grey’s Anatomy on when it comes to delivering a baby? Maybe that explains why there are so many induced labors and C-sections, but I say stop trying to rush nature – our bodies have been popping out babies since the beginning of time. Of course there are situations that may cause for a speedier course of action, but I say: please don’t try to box in those of us who do not fall into that category.

I was very blessed with a healthy pregnancy that allowed me to workout several days a week and continue on with life like my b.c. (before child) days. When my due date came and went there was a little part of me that became a bit antsy though I was assured that the majority of first pregnancies do not happen on the predicted dates. Heading into my doctor’s office for a check-up, things looked great on paper and the sonogram which had me thinking this child was comfortable and would come on when he saw fit. It wasn’t until I had to get NST (non-stress tests) done as a standard precaution that my worry level started to rise.

“We will need to see you at least twice a week,” one doctor informed me. “It’s standard procedure for high-risk pregnancies.”

Stop the music and back the truck up! Since when was my pregnancy deemed “high-risk?” Granted, the doctor on duty at the hospital was not my OB/GYN, how dare she just assume that my pregnancy was at risk, let alone high? I know of a few women who had high-risk pregnancies that caused them to be on bed rest and practically walking on eggshells to make sure they’d even carry their child to term. This definitely wasn’t me and my situation (remember I told you my doctor said things were going great?).

“Um, my pregnancy is not high-risk,” I responded back to the doctor.

“Oh, I mean high-risk for women who go past their due date,” the doctor snapped back.

Immediately, I turned to my husband in efforts to try to pull from his endless pool of patience because I was two seconds from getting all into pregnancy hormones. I did a bit of research on the subject–first, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists updated the definition of full term (now at 40 weeks instead of 37), so going over a few or several days is not as horrible as it was before. Second, how does this doctor or any other not realize the majority of women don’t deliver on their due dates?

While I get that going past a certain amount of weeks can cause problems in a pregnancy, I am baffled at how quick some doctors are to jump the gun. Thankfully my OB/GYN supported our efforts to wait it out instead of trying to get me to go on her time. In the end, I naturally went into labor nine days after my due date, spent seven hours in the hospital and took 25 minutes to naturally push out my son without medical assistance.

The bottom line is that doctors should be cautious and give us the skinny on things, but not try to scare us into doing what they want.

Has anyone else experienced doctors who made them feel rushed to deliver?

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