Products Moms Really Don’t Need To Buy For Baby

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New moms are inundated with tons of information and precautionary tales of the generations before. Mommy-to-be books and websites tell you everything you need to buy most of all. So you get all the fixings, you register for the baby shower and you get more than you can ever imagine for the human you are about to produce. After all, your baby deserves the best. The best usually means stuff. The more stuff you have the better off the baby is, right?

Not always.

The amount of baby product on the market is beyond overwhelming. The truth of the matter is that about 75 percent of the products bought for your baby you can absolutely do without. Here are a few products moms don’t really need for the baby. cradle


Baby Cradle/ Swing

For the sheer beauty of this product I would buy this.

Imagine the awe friends and family will be in when they walk into the nursey and new baby is snug as a bug. You live for this.

Here goes the truth: Your baby will grow out of it in six weeks.

Save your money. pacifier



The baby won’t need the pacifier if you never introduce it.

I’ve seen toddlers eating adult food with one of these hanging on their neck. Not okay.

If your baby is hooked the trick is to go cold turkey for a few days.

Prepare for a few sleepless nights (about three), but after that your baby is free, clear and cured of the pacifier.

Promise. BabyGloves_2



I promise you will lose these.

They never stay on and are useless for an infant. sterilizer


Bottle Sterilizer

I remember taking my time every day and sterilizing baby bottles.

After a few times I was over it.

Between breast feeding, baby time, and no time to waste this is a no-go.

Not to mention a few experts say a regular dish wash is completely okay. Baby-Powder


Baby powder

Not only is it unhealthy, because of the talc and it’s effects on your baby’s lungs, but it serves no purpose.

It cakes up in the creases of your baby’s skin and causes more irritation. wper warmer


Wipe Warmer

Wipe warmers are useless since not only do they dry out the cloths, but by the time they touch your baby’s skin it gets cold again. walker



Does nothing but provide a racing, rolling seat to jam up on the back of someone’s foot.

It sure never taught anyone’s baby to walk. diaper trash


Diaper trash

As opposed to a plain old garbage can? Hmmm.


TahiiHuey 12 1.0

Canada Goose


Ever seen a three-month-old baby rolling in the snow?

Probably not, which deems this outfit 90 percent useless.

Chances are that if you ae using this your kid is over-dressed and overheated.

Use blankets instead and you will simplify your winter.

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