When A Woman Initiates A Sexual Relationship: Is It Still Taboo?

January 15, 2016  |  

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Many women like sex just as much as men do. I think it’s safe to assume that men aren’t the only ones getting pleasure out of the act; but when it comes to initiating it, it’s often the man who makes the first move while some women sit wait, wishing that they would. Is it because it’s considered unladylike to make it known that sex is on a woman’s mind? Or is it a case of not being confident with female sexuality?

Let’s face it, sex is no longer as much of a taboo topic as it was back in the day when women were burning their bras for female rights, but double standards still exist when it comes to a woman’s role in intimacy. However, in an era where women are adopting more feminist values and overtly asserting their sexuality on public platforms (think Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé), is it taboo for a woman to tell a man that she actually wants him for his goods?

Consider this hypothetical situation: A woman meets a man she is physically attracted to. However, for other reasons (his job situation, lack of ambition, etc.) she doesn’t think he’s husband material. Still, she thinks she can have a good time with him. Is it wrong for her to make her sexual desires known?

Credit or blame (depending on your stance on the subject) Sex and the City for women being more open about their sexual encounters. More women have become comfortable admitting that they actually enjoy doing the dirty. After the show’s successful run, more and more women began owning their sexuality, publicly; but is it too much? And what do men really think about women who initiate intimacy?

While some men I spoke to said they find it a turn-on for a woman to be assertive and sure of what she wants, others still had plenty of negative comments to share on such behavior. Some even went as far as to consider the woman promiscuous; however, they also admitted that the same concept does not apply to men. With that being a double standard, should women even care?

Some people simply have traditional views that are embedded in their values. That is fine. There are some things one woman won’t do that another would. While I don’t have a definitive stance on women who have no problem being open about their freaky side, I don’t believe in judging those who do. I am not sure if I am at the point where I can walk up to a man and tell him, “Meet me in my bed at 7 o’clock,” but I’m not knocking the women who do.

Whether you believe women should initiate sex or not, can’t we agree that there is some level of empowerment in being a grown woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t mind going after it?

Ladies, chime in. Do you initiate sex with a man other than when you are in a relationship? What is the reaction you have received?

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