Mom On The Move: Interview With Queen Of Cuts Cynthia Meadows, Part 2

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Cynthia Meadows

Cynthia Meadows

Florida’s very own Cynthia Meadows has quickly gone from her hometown’s “Kitchen Beautician” to arguably one of the country’s headlining hair stylists. In just a short period of time, Cynthia has attracted the eyes of the hair industry’s who’s-who list with her exceptional cutting-edge skill, and signature blindfold haircuts.

We caught up with this mogul mom-on-the-go, to pick her brain about some of her styling tips and tricks and mompreneur secrets of her trade. In this part of our two-part interview, check out what Cynthia had to say about balancing her most important title: mom.

What is your daily life like being a business woman and mom?

My day starts with the morning wake up which normally starts around 5:00 a.m. with prayer, fighting with my daughter to get dressed and to eat breakfast at 6:00 a.m. then to the daycare to drop her off. Now, to change from mommy-mode to business woman is the easier part of my of my day. A day of management, doing clients, marketing strategies, training employees, budget cuts, counseling my clients, and daily team meetings. I work a lot of late nights as a business owner, which I don’t enjoy but the best part of my day is coming home to my daughter.

How do you find balance between cultivating your passion and family?

In order to cultivate balance, you have to determine what’s important to you and make it a priority in your life. When it comes to family-values, find a happy medium that balances the things you need in your life. In my business, I’ve learned to delegate. As my business grows, my staff will have to increase in order for me to balance my personal life and business. Above all, I am a mom first, and with the help of my traveling nanny I am able to maximize my time with my daughter and get business done.

Do you want more children ?

Yes! I’ve always wanted to be like Toni Braxton’s mom with all her girls around her all the time. I’ll love to have about four more kids someday.

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What are some important lessons you aim to teach your children in your life’s pursuits?

I live by these top three life lessons in life:

  1. Love and forgive. The degree to which you are able to truly love as an expression of your character, not merely as a feeling, the more you will be willing to forgive. The more you are able to forgive, the more you will be free to love. Character is a much more accurate voice exclaiming who you are than popularity, personality or status. So let your moral character speak so loudly no one can hear the gossip spoken about you by lesser minds.
  2. Invest regularly in your own human capital, in the development of your ability and talents, in your knowledge and education. Learn every day. Don’t rely exclusively on formal modes of education. Learn on your own. Get excited about it. Read. Study. Challenge yourself. Develop. Improve.
  3. Let patience be your first response, kindness be your first reply, courage be your default setting, faith be your first inclination, curiosity be your first question, perseverance be your longest answer, gratitude be your spontaneous condition and love be your first, final and only method.

I want to be a living example to my daughter–and future children–by showing them that anything is possible through faith and hard work. I don’t believe in excuses, just results. I have never worked for anyone but myself, not many people can say that.

What’s next for Cynthia as a mom and business woman?

As a mom, I’m just trying to get my toddler potty trained (laughs). As for A’Bliss, I am looking into franchising. I’ve been staking out property in top cities around the country, as well as working toward expanding my brand with a natural hair product and cosmetics line. I am also excited about providing opportunities to educate upcoming stylist. Within the next year I plan on hosting classes for those looking to continue their education, and enhance their skill set. 

What would you say is a great go-to style for busy moms like yourself?

Sew-ins or pixie cuts are a great style opt for any busy mom on the go. With a shortcut you can just wax it up and go.

How can a natural mom save time, and maintain healthy hair in the midst of a busy week?

My best advice is moisture! You hair needs moisture daily to maintain healthy hair. Incorporate natural hair remedies to your hair care regimen like mayonnaise for proteins, castor oil, eggs etc.

What are a few tricks you use on your daughter to promote hair growth?

There’s no magical trick to making hair grow, because mostly it’s a matter of genetics. There are however, some things you can do to help the natural process along and you may actually see your child’s hair grow faster. Adding certain foods to can actually promote hair growth and give children the nourishment their bodies need.

  • Peanuts, corn, and spinach contain vitamin E, which stimulates hair growth.
  • Folic acid, found in foods like asparagus, peas, citrus fruits, and turkey, will help promote hair growth by strengthening strands so they don’t break off prematurely.
  • Drinking water—four to six glasses a day—will keep hair hydrated.
  • Vitamin B produces keratin, a protein that strengthens strands. It’s found in bananas, whole-grain cereals, rice and eggs.
  • Dairy products like skim milk and yogurt—as well as broccoli and strawberries–are great sources of calcium, an important mineral for hair growth.

Many women wear braids and style their children in braids as a protective style, and because of the styles low-maintenance. What are some ways one can reverse breakage on the hairline from braids? What are some methods of prevention?

Many people are resorting to braids as a protective, low-maintenance style. I would highly recommend leaving the hairline out with braids and avoiding extra-tight braids that causes so much tension on the hair, causing it to break off.

What are some great tips and tricks to achieving a quick and cute style (using Paul Mitchell products) for your daughter?

For my daughter’s hair, I use the kid’s line which has a shampoo/conditioner with a detangling spray. I also use a Paul Mitchell Curls Twirl Around Crunch-Free Curl Definer cream to keep her natural coils tamed all day.

What’s a great Paul Mitchell styling product for the natural mom on-the-go?

A great PM styling product for a natural mom on-the-go is their curly hair products. They are a lightweight conditioning treatment that hydrates, detangles, tames frizz and won’t weigh the hair down throughout the day.

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