Pop Mom: Is NBA Star Andre Iguodala’s Ex-Girlfriend Wrong For Asking For 58k A Month In Child Support?

January 4, 2016  |  

Andre Iguodala

Apparently, private schools are getting pretty expensive, or at least that is what Clayanna Warthen, ex-girlfriend to Golden State Warrior’s star Andre Iguodala, would have us believe. According to TMZ, she’s taking Iguodala to court to get her child support increased from $18K a month to a more substantial $58K because the money she’s getting now barely covers their six-year-old daughter’s education. Warthen believes that the amount is fair considering his $11 million a year salary.

Wow. Sounds like a lot, but as a mom to a six-year-old daughter myself, let me not be so quick to call this woman a goldigger. Maybe it’s fair.

I Google the cost of the most expensive private schools in the country and discover that the highest you’ll pay is about $42,000 a year. Break that down to a monthly figure and it comes to $3,500 per month. Hmmmm…that leaves a balance of $54,500.

Aright, it’s not looking so good. But still, maybe her mortgage/rent is high.

Let’s just say she pays $15,000 per month, which would seem pretty generous, that still leaves $39,500 for food, extra-curricular activities, travel, clothes, grooming, holiday gifts, car payment…damn, $58K is beaucoup bucks!

I ain’t sayin’ she a golddigger, but she definitely wants to live high-on-the-hog.

It’s kind of crazy because I feel like when these women get these ‘prize babies’ they no longer want to work; 18K is still a helluva lot of money. How much do you need for your kid to live a really comfortable lifestyle? It makes me wonder how much of that money is really for her.

A little annoyed, I’m on the phone with my husband’s uncle, a basketball fan from the Ivory Coast, and we start talking about the story. As usual, he hits me with an African proverb.

“You don’t ask to look into the mouth of the person who is roasting your peanuts.”

Hunh? What does peanuts have to do with this?

He explains that if a person is in the factory roasting your peanuts of course he is going to eat some for himself, it’s to be expected. When it comes to Iguodala and his baby’s mother, of course she is getting paid, as she should.

I start thinking about that. Okay, when you look at it, this woman was with Iguodala for six years and has full-time custody of their child. It’s a job. Shouldn’t she get to eat some peanuts too, especially when dad makes $11 million a year? And what if she is saving some of that money for her kid for later, wouldn’t it be smart? What if Iguodala gets hurt? Also, he’s now married, and seems to have other kids, what if he leaves this one out of his will? Mama has to look out for her daughter’s future, and why not herself too?

I recalculate some figures. Even if you cut his $11,000,000 dollar yearly salary in half for taxes, he still makes $5,500,000 a year or $458,000 per month. She’s asking $58k for his flesh and blood to live a similar lifestyle as dad. That still leaves Iguodala with $400,000 for the month. He’s not going to starve. Pay this woman her money, honey, it’s peanuts.

What do you think? Is the money she’s asking for reasonable?

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