Working While Pregnant: Our Top Do’s And Don’ts

December 31, 2015  |  

Working during pregnancy can have its challenges but knowing how to prep is key. Your body will be going through so many changes so being prepared will help you stay healthy and will allow you to still be productive at work. Here are some working while pregnant do’s and don’ts to think about.

DO have a conversation with your boss and possibly your team if you manage one. You need to let them know that you will do your best at work but there may be times when you need to stop and to get a drink of water if you feel like you are running around too much. This may not apply to earlier months but at least it will prepare them for your second or third trimester when these little mini breaks might come in handy.

DON’T walk into nausea triggers. Obviously your hormones are raging and things that never bothered you before now do. So stay far away from the smells or things at work that bother you. Does the aroma from your co-workers daily meatloaf make you cringe? Or what about the spray mist that is on a timer in the women’s bathroom? The key is to not sit near that co-worker at lunch and if possible use another bathroom. Also, keep crackers on you at all times because they can help if you start to feel nausea.

DO eat the right foods. When you are pregnant your body is working hard to care for you and your baby or babies (twins) but napping for two hours at work isn’t feasible so you will need as much energy as possibly from your diet. You can still have your occasional guilty pleasure but make sure your daily diet is filled with fruits, green leafy veggies, protein and healthy snacks. Also drink tons of water because the last thing you want is to get dehydrated and pass out. Keep bottled water at your desk at work and in the car for the ride home.

DON’T over exert yourself at work or at home. If you can’t reach something high up or if something even looks like it’s too heavy then let a co-worker get it down for you. If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day make sure you get up a few times a day and walk around. If your job requires you to stand a lot, take sitting breaks or rest one foot on a foot rest and then rotate and do the other foot back and forth a few times. You do not want to strain while pregnant. You can still exercise but start with walking or light jogging a few times a week if your doctor says its ok. Getting plenty of sleep a night will help you perform better at work. The best way to rest is on your left side because it can maximize blood flow to your baby and ease swelling.

DO keep calm at work. High stress levels aren’t good for you or the baby. And it can also be very draining too. Doing things like making to do lists can help keep things organized. If you find yourself getting worked up just stop and go outside for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths and remember there is no person or situation worth jeopardizing your baby’s health.

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