Holiday Moments Every Couple Dreads

December 21, 2015  |  
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Hey singles: do you think the holidays are all cozy and cuddly for couples? Think again. Just imagine all of the stress you deal with around the holidays plus arguments with a boyfriend. “What arguments?” you ask. These. Here are eight holiday moments couples dread.






The “I am thankful” speech

Even though Thanksgiving is over, plenty of people still insist that you all go around the table and say what you’re thankful for at Christmas dinner. There you all are with his family, your family, him, you, alcohol…





Why it’s dreadful

It feels painfully cheezy to announce in front of everyone how grateful you are for your boyfriend. But if you don’t say that, people assume you’re having relationship troubles. Or worse, your boyfriend takes it personally. OR WORSE he doesn’t mention you when he says what he’s grateful for.



The gifts

Nobody every knows how much to spend on a significant other’s holiday gift. Not only that, the thought counts so much when giving your boyfriend a gift. You can’t just give him a Visa pre-loaded card.






Why it’s dreadful

If you spent too little, you’re afraid he’ll think he’s not important to you, or he will feel guilty about how much he spent on you. If he spent too little, everything I just said is true, but reversed. If your gift is too romantic, you may come off as too intense. If it’s not romantic enough, you may come off as insensitive.



Calls with his family

If you spend the holidays apart, then you do a lot of phone calls and Skype sessions. He’s with his family, and so are you, so there is always some relative within ear shot.





Why it’s dreadful

His mom or your uncle or his cousin always think it’s a fun idea to grab the phone and chit-chat with the unsuspecting significant other. It’s always awkward. Beyond a ton of “Happy Holidays!” people run out of things to say.






Gifts for each other’s families

Depending on how long you’ve been together, it may start to feel like you’re supposed to send his family presents or, at least, a holiday card.






Why it’s dreadful

If you send his family gifts, and he doesn’t send some to your family, he will feel awful, and your family will judge him. Yes, they will.







Your holiday card

Do you put you and your dog on there? You and your best friend? You and your boyfriend?










Why it’s dreadful

If you don’t ask your partner if it’s okay to send out a photo of you two on your holiday card, he might be creeped out when he sees the prototype. If you do ask him, and he says, “No…” that’s a huge fight waiting to happen. If he says, “Yes” you’ll always wonder if he meant it.






Holiday parties and a new man

If you’re in a relatively new relationship, all of the parties that come with the holidays can be stressful. It feels like you’re parading your new boyfriend in front of all of your friends, family and coworkers within a two-week span.





Why it’s dreadful

If things don’t work out with this guy, pretty much everybody in your life met him. That means you have to explain to pretty much everybody, “What happened to that cute guy you brought to the holiday party?”






Visiting each other’s families, part one

If you do plan on spending the holidays together but just with one of your families, you’ll probably argue about whose family, but there’s more…




Why it’s dreadful

Somebody’s family is always terribly let down. If you see his family, you feel guilty the entire time. You imagine your family sitting sadly around the Christmas tree, looking at a picture of you. If he comes with you to visit your family, you feel guilty tearing him away (and you anger his family).






Visiting each other’s families, part two

There’s always the option of visiting both of your families!






Why it’s dreadful

Plane tickets aren’t exactly cheap around the holidays. And traveling is exhausting. In the end, you don’t get to relax, and your credit card is maxed out and you still didn’t get enough time with either family.


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