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If complete strangers offered $10,000 to pay for your wedding, would you take it? What if there were strings?

That’s the exact kind of deal that a startup company called Swanluv is offering to couples who intend to tie the knot within a couple of years.

How it works:

Couples submit an application requesting the funds online. If approved, they’re required to sign a wedding fund agreement, and they receive the money.

The catch:

Should you and your sweetie divorce, you’ll be required to pay back the borrowed money plus the interest that has accrued over time. The money paid back to Swanluv by divorced couples will be used to fund the weddings of engaged couples are who new applicants to the program.

According to their website, the program is completely free for couples who stay married.

Of course, the company has been accused of trying to profit from America’s sucky divorce rate; however, they insist that this isn’t true. Instead, they say that they believe in love and want “to keep the dream alive.”

Swanluv insists that they don’t profit from the divorces in any way, adding that they make their money from advertising partnerships.

“100% of the money collected from members who are later divorced is used to provide funds for future couples’ dream weddings. Swanluv keeps the dream alive,” the website reads. ‘

While tempting, I don’t believe that I could bring myself to sign a contract like this. What about you?

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