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The new Star Wars movie is a must-see for the family. Some people – my myself – are going gaga over the series that spawned a culture of science fiction. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the latest movie that will collectively convene, unify and enthrall fans of all walks, colors and creeds. Now, you may not be into the pageantry of nerd-dom the way some of us are, but you are likely to go see this movie.  The kids, the significant other…you are going to see this movie. My daughter and I are here to assist you so we put together a guide on how to “survive” the potential mayhem of opening week for all parents and kids too.

Prep The Kids

I attempted to get my daughter to watch the original Star Wars trilogy before The Force Awakens and she kept falling asleep. It was a mission aborted. You have to go into the movie and prep your kids about the concepts and characters in this movie. It is a continuation of the original series with Return of the Jedi being the last one. Give them some insight on the concepts of good versus evil. Tell them about the characters lightly so they at least have a clue. My daughter asked a lot of questions even though she was loosely familiar with the characters. She absolutely wants to watch all the prequels to Star Wars now. By the way, I know plenty adults who are not into Star Wars like that so this applies to you too.


When we went to the movie, there were a lot of snitches. Why? People in the movie were talking a lot. I had to get gangsta on some 11 or 12-year-olds in the movie theater, because they were chattering a lot. It was simply disrespectful to everybody around. Now, I didn’t snitch but somebody did because the cops and other forms of security came into the theater in an effort to quell the nonsense. I simply told them, “You’re too loud” and we did not have any further issue. You are welcome to wait a week or so and risk the social media spoilers. I could not take that risk. Plus, my daughter recently got Honor Roll in school. She deserved it.

Get There Early

Now, this is relative. Star Wars: The Force Awakens has already sold over $100 million in pre-sales so you may have trouble getting tickets at this time. However, I did not, because I went in the middle of the boonies. I have friends with kids going to a 5 a.m. viewing of this movie. After the movie, they will drop their kids off at school. I might add these are all highly-motivated and reasonable people. Get the tickets early and get your seat even earlier even if you have to sit for a bit. #boutthatlife.


I am not one of these people that likes to spend crazy money on popcorn. Its not particularly good for you and its also criminally overpriced. Some people, somewhere aren’t going to want to hear this, but bring snacks. Star Wars is a really good movie and you cannot leave once the movie starts. Bring you and the family some snacks and ration them out accordingly. My daughter and I ran through ours before the movie was half over. All the suspects of The Force Awakens had us eating like savages. If we had gotten popcorn, we would have ripped through that large bucket during the previews.

Common Sense

I drank a big cup of coffee before I went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because I needed an insurance policy that would keep me awake. You may need to do something else, but think it through. Use the bathroom before the movie starts. Make sure the kids do the same. If you’re going with a group of six people, you already know you’ll have difficulty getting seats in a row. Think things through. All of these minor details will help you have a great experience at one of the best movies series of all time.

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