Flirting Fails: Things Men Do That They Don’t Realize Makes Us Uncomfortable

December 28, 2015  |  
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We know they think they’re flirting. But some men are going about their flirtation the wrong way. From constant lip licking to internet stalking, these are the moves that make us very uncomfortable.

Confusing A Drink Purchase With A Marriage Contract

Ten dollars does not give you a pass to follow me everywhere but to the ladies room…and then wait outside the door for me to come out of there.


We all do a double take when we’re interested. But if she pulls the zipper of her sweater up when she notices you looking her way, you’re doing the kind of staring that makes a woman uncomfortable. We’d all appreciate it if you could blink and keep it moving.

Calling The Number I Just Gave You

Let’s say I did give you the number to Domino’s and not mine — I was trying to be polite. Why return the favor by making it awkward for the both of us immediately?

Saying Sexually Suggestive Things

Being sexually explicit while flirting makes men look as icky as women feel.

Trying to Holler… And Then Following Us

If we clearly aren’t interested, please keep it moving. No one wants to be followed around by a man who can’t seem to take “no” for an answer.

Grabbing Your Junk And Making Eye Contact

This makes women uncomfortable because we can’t imagine what guys who do this are thinking. And we would prefer not to be involved in those thoughts…

Asking For Our Number Instead Of Doing Your Job

If I tell you to kick rocks, can I still get my brakes fixed?

Cursing Us Out After We Turn You Down

There’s no uglier way to be a salty, sore loser — and now everyone is staring. Thanks.

Liking Our Six-Week-Old Pictures At 4 a.m.

It’s just good manners to keep your social media stalking a secret.

Standing Too Close In An Elevator

Dear gentlemen who do this: Real life is not a late night cable movie. Women don’t find this sexy. Instead, they look at it as a reason to stand in the back corner of the elevator from now on (and Amazon Prime a canister of pepper spray on our phones while we’re back there).

Leaving “I’d Hit It” Messages Under Our Profile Selfies

How ’bout you keep that to yourself?

Whispering Obscene Rap Lyrics When We Walk By

Kanye did not write those lyrics so you could use them to harass women on the street.

Unrequested Pictures

If a woman wants to see it, she will let you know. No woman wants this kind of surprise in their inbox.

And she’s going to make herself feel better about it by laughing at it with all of her friends–at your expense.

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