14 Awesome Things You Get To Do When Single On New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2015  |  
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If you’re single, this might be that time of year when the 4-course dinner “for two” menus start showing up under your door, and you want to crumble them up and slam dunk them in your trash can… like your ex used to do. But don’t look at New Year’s Eve as a night for lovers: this isn’t Valentine’s Day! New Year’s Eve, much like Halloween, is filled with a sense of adventure. And who is better for adventure than a single woman? Here are 15 awesome things you get to do if you’re single on New Year’s Eve.

Wear that stripper dress

The one that is all side boob. Okay, all boob. Okay, you got it at an actual strip club. But you don’t have a date giving you judgmental looks all night. Just tons of guys giving you longing looks.

Drink a personal champagne bottle

You don’t need to share that sh-t! Stick a sparkly straw in that bottle and cradle it in your arm like the precious commodity that it is.

Take a mid-party nap

You don’t have a date to keep up with. There is no man to complain when you want to pause the partying for a nap. Take that mid-party power nap, wake up, and get another personal bottle of champagne.

Be in a bad mood if you want

You know what? Maybe 2015 sucked. It’s okay to admit that. If you’re single, you don’t need to worry about bringing your date down. You can get drunk and vent to strangers about your sucky 2015.

Visit that burrito truck

You don’t need to pretend to be filled up by that $70 teaspoon of sea urchin at that black tie dinner. Eat that burrito you really want.

Party hop

You don’t have to pick between a date’s friends and your friends. You can visit all of your friends and some strangers!

Leave when people get annoying

You have no obligation to anybody. When people at one party start to get too drunk, too angry, too touchy—you name it—you can just bail.

Take a Lyft Line

You aren’t dragged down by a date who might put that Lyft Line over the limit. Hey, rides are expensive on New Year’s Eve. If you can hop in a Lyft and share with three people, your wallet will thank you.

Kiss a stranger

Just pick any one, walk up to him, kiss him and walk off. It’s the only time of year when nobody’s going to judge you for it.

Flirting your way past lines

Don’t feel like waiting in the inevitable lines that appear at clubs and bars on New Year’s Eve? “But bouncer, I’m just one, single, solo girl (bat eyelashes here). Are you really going to make me wait out in the cold with no friends?”

Or, get in with a group of singles

If you can grab a group of single women, you can almost definitely skip the line at night clubs. You’ll probably get free table service, too.

Get a palm reading

Palm reading places are a blast on New Year’s. It’s fun to get predictions for the year to come. Your date probably wouldn’t want to go, though. Good thing you don’t have a date!

Watch Love Actually

You know you want to.


Do nothing—glorious, fabulous nothing

If you want to, you can spend New Year’s Eve with HBO Go, a six-pack and a frozen pizza, and not worry about letting anyone down.

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